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Massive 29,000-property licensing scheme launches

A new and huge landlord licensing scheme has launched in County Durham.

A total of at least 29,000 properties, or 42 per cent of the private rented sector in the county, is covered by the scheme, which was approved by the government in November 2021.

A council statement claims: “The scheme helps to create long-term, sustainable neighbourhoods by ensuring that any privately rented properties are well managed and in good condition. It will also protect both residents and tenants alike by tackling landlords who do not comply. 


“Landlords must apply for a licence and ensure their management practices and properties meet standards set out by the scheme. It promotes good management and maintenance by landlords and will see rental properties regularly inspected by the council. 

“Landlords will be required to make repairs and improvements that have been identified as part of inspections and failure to comply will result in enforcement action being taken.”

Five year licences cost up to £500 with some early bird and accreditation discounts making some £350 per licence.  


Councillor James Rowlandson says: "We're pleased to have launched this scheme in County Durham, encouraging landlords to manage their properties and tenancies responsibly.

"It is a key objective of the County Durham Housing Strategy and will raise the standards of private rented properties across our area. It will also improve the health and wellbeing of tenants as well as reduce anti-social behaviour in our communities. 

"The scheme is also about enabling us to better support landlords so that they can give the best service possible to their tenants and holding those who fail to meet the required standard to account." 

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    No house will be inspected, no repairs will be carried out, nothing will change except Landlords will be rinsed again. In my borough, not one property was inspected (including HMO’s) included in 5 years and in 2019 tyre were just two prosecutions. The shoddiest of properties are in the social sector but yet again, every piece of legislation in the PRS, does not apply to them. Shameful.


    Be careful what you wish for!

    Glasgow HMO licensing department inspects all properties with more than two unrelated adults every 3 years, charges £950 for the half hour visit and invariably dreams up additional work needed, and if all else fails, asks for almost freshly decorated rooms to be redecorated if tenants' blue tack has damaged the paintwork!

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    That is £14.5 from LLs pockets that will be passed directly on to Tenants at a time when most can barely pay their bills :(


    And some. If the council chappie with his clipboard turns up, you can bet he will demand a load of work to be done to "improve" the property. It's in their DNA I'm afraid!

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    Not just the £14m raid on private LL’s in Co Durham for Council’s Website Computer click button Administration operation but possible that will be sublet out as well as in other parts because it seems their not capable but we are expected to do everything.
    £14m for Council Administration but Zero for LL’s Administration our time is free labour. £14m is the tip double that for the Compliance work at least so shall we estimate that to £42m approx’. now that should really help make rent unaffordable for Tenants, who they pretend to be looking out for. hmm.

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    Nick is bang on the money (no pun intended), no inspections will be done but they will pocket a bucket full of cash, same old story, bash the LL's and then wonder why we are all selling up, they really do need to improve the IQ standards when it comes to local authority recruitment.

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    Simon, careful now why are you complaining about lack of inspections. Did you know some Borough’s are already charging £85. per hour or part there off for inspections. I can see this becoming main stream you won’t be able to keep them away. This is additional to licensing charges ?.


    Glasgow charge around £950 every 3 years for a half hour visit and a new piece of paper!

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    My area does not have it……yet ! I may just be able to sell up and get out before it comes in.

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    Amazing how Landlords are treated differently in parts of the Country. Why is it the case in some parts of same Country laws apply to some and not to others. It’s one thing for Councils to exempt themselves, Housing Association's or possibly a dozen people living together that have a remote Family Connection. We now have a Situation where some LL’s were never required to have a License or even knows what it is even though their returns are £ for £ double/ tribble ours. We have had to License in 2006, 2011, 2016 and now again that 4 times while others never had to comply with this burden, surely everyone in the Country should have been required to get Licensed before anyone was ever required to License for a second time. We are all unequal before the Law.


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