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Graham Awards


Triple Whammy - top awards go to landlords’ trade body

The National Residential Landlords Association has scooped three top accolades at an awards event, including the prestigious National Association of the Year title.

NRLA chief executive Ben Beadle was named Outstanding Director for 2022 at the National Association Awards 2022, with the body’s members’ publication Property named Best Magazine.

National Association Awards director Damian Cummins has congratulated the NRLA on its wins, saying: “The NRLA provides a high level of support to its members, and it is wonderful for them to be recognised as the winners of multiple categories at the National Association Awards 2022.


“These awards celebrate the hard work of associations, federations, chambers, societies and membership organisations across all sectors.”


Beadle himself adds: “We are delighted the hard work of the whole NRLA team has been recognised in this way and I, personally was honoured to be named outstanding director.

“Since the NLA and RLA merged we have worked hard to create a truly member-first organisation capable of improving the sector and bringing about real change.

“We have also invested in our magazine Property to create a publication that celebrates members while keeping them up-to-date with all they need to know about the sector.”

The NRLA has recently celebrated hitting the 95,000-member mark, with news of the awards success coming just weeks after association’s training academy was named Best Property Education Provider at the Property Reporter awards.

The association was also named Trade Association of the Year at the Trade Association Forum Best Practice Awards earlier this year, where Property magazine also picked up the Best Publication title.

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  • icon

    Throws doubt on the quality of other National organisations!

  • icon

    Nominated for the award by Shelter


    That's who he works for isn't it ?

  • icon

    Seriously??? Honestly my jaw has dropped.

    Where’s their award for “Association least affective at influencing government policy and public opinion?”

  • icon

    NRLA representing themselves, more like it, and winning awards for it - marvellous! Any chance they could bring us PRS Landlords some justice????

  • George Dawes

    Biggest waste of space award goes to ..

  • icon

    I suppose we should be Congratulating Mr Ben Beadle on winning this reward but we are stuck in limbo with no one else to help us, while being continuously attacked from all quarters, especially false media reports. However I was Renting out Property before he was
    born with the greatest respect & not lest the last 20 years of his involvement. Ok so he claims to be helping us to rent out successfully. How did we manage to rent successfully before any of this and a lot better and better property too. When landlords had control and took pride in their property instead of being put on the back foot forced to do everything against their Will.
    Just how many Directorship’s has he got that’s worth a gold reward on its own. I think the Amalgamation of NLA & RLA was not good and his baby and would have expected the joining of the 2 to be a million members by now if properly promoted and have more clout, instead of 10% of that, pandering to lame duck Gove and his Renters Reform Bill.
    Where’s my gold cup having been a landlord through thick & thin for 45 years, paying taxes through the nose as I never had an interest only Buy 2 let loan. Working 7 days a week for 60 years never hit the big time really because too much of a Social consense.
    So if they are claiming to help us to Rent successfully it’s very strange it’s all down hill in recent years.

  • icon

    Looks like Graham Norwood has reconsidered his “Thou shalt not criticise Ben” diktat. Time to say sorry, Graham?

  • icon

    He didn’t fight for S.21 or should I say retain the remnants of S.21 or to Retain it as we had it before his involvement and he didn’t have to get it for us. We already had it when he was making a horse out of the dog, all he needed to do was stand up to Gove and his Renter’s Reform Bill, another one never had any input to PRS and now making all the rules for top brass behind the scenes, did they go to Harvard or Oxford… together, now we will carve up this for ourselves.

  • icon

    Sounds like a complete fix. I don't believe the figures for the members either. I bailed out years ago when l realised they were useless.


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