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Architect of rental reform set to address landlord webinar

The architect of one of the largest rental reform initiatives in the UK is set to address landlords at a webinar next month.

The National Residential Landlords Association , in partnership with Flintshire county council, is holding a special landlord forum on Thursday June 16 from 6pm to 7.30 pm.   

It will focus on changes that become law from July 15 this year as a result of the introduction of the Renting Homes (Wales) Act 2016.  These changes affect all landlords in Wales and organisers say it is crucial that all landlords are aware of the actions they need to take.  


Main speaker will be Simon White - head of housing strategy for the Welsh Government, and the main who drafted the legislation.  He will be presenting an overview of the Act and the significant changes that the Act will bring. 


This is a free event for all – both NRLA members and non-members - and to enrol please follow the instructions to either sign into your NRLA membership account or create a free guest account in order to enrol and attend the meeting via this link.

Anyone wishing to attend needs to register by 5.30pm on June 16. 

This is to ensure that the NRLA can email attendees with the link to the forum. 

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    The NRLA , in their report say the welcome the introduction of the Act. ? Not sure Welsh Landlords are so enthusiastic
    No Section 21, and no section 8 . Six Months notice , not able to be given in first six months.
    Result fewer Houses to Rent, and 3rd Highest rent increases in the Country at 9.8%.

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    There was a lady on here a couple of days ago saying it was impossible to find a place to rent in Wales, small wonder is it, I should think all Welsh landlords are either selling up or going over to holiday lets, who can blame them

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    If no section 8 how would you get house back if tenants stopped paying rent.


    If that were to happen it could have be to take the law into one's own hands


    I'm setting up an agency called GETUSBOYSINdotcom (not allowed to show it as a .)

    Our slogans will be : "Get US in, get THEM out" and "When WE go in, THEY go out"!


    The thing is Robert people can say you can't do that, but there's no such word as can't, and it will happen



    My "boys" would simply offer advice and assistance with removing the tenants' belongings once they had accepted the advice and offer of help and signed any necessary paperwork to confirm no coercion and appreciation for the help and advice provided at no cost to them.

    PS. Should anyone inadvertently be injured, the boys will provide any necessary first aid, bandages, lifts to hospital etc.

    What's not to like?

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    Wendy you probably can’t that’s the way it was before Section.21. Looks like we are going back there again. I had a a well healed family from Foreign parts, a Diplomat no less, 2 New Cars in my garage rent dried up, he told me he wasn’t paying and also said there was nothing I could do about it, which was true. How many times did I go to Habib Bank in Ealing to see if any money in !, no computers or mobile phones at that time. Isn’t that better for them than Right 2 Buy, (just give me one).

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    Hi friend. Come on now lads take a step back that cannot be even when the chips are down we have to keep our composure, your on the wrong page, the Blind Beggar era of the 1960’s is well and truly left behind.


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