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Bloodbath - tenant guilty of murdering two landlords

A private tenant who stabbed his landlords to death has been convicted of murder.

Daniel Garcia unleashed what an Old Bailey trial heard described as a "brutal and frenzied attack" on Sonia Butron Calvi and Edgar Aguilera Daza in April 2020 during the first national lockdown.

Calvi and Daza were subletting rooms in a house in Stockwell , south London, to six Spanish-speaking tenants, including Garcia.


A BBC News report says Prosecutor Tom Little QC told the jury that when emergency services arrived the property could only be described as a bloodbath.

Daza was found in a pool of blood in the hallway and Calvi was lying face down in the kitchen.

The murder weapon was found in Garcia's bedroom.

Garcia admitted manslaughter but denied murder, claiming he was hearing voices at the time of the killings.

Jurors took just 45 minutes to find him guilty of two counts of murder. 

Judge Mark Lucraft QC adjourned sentencing to a date to be fixed.

You can see the full BBC court report here.

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  • John Ahmed

    Shows the risk of sub letting.
    Also highlights the risk of the governments £350 PM live in with you at home policy in my opinion. Will they be vetted for safety first?

  • icon

    One for Shelter and Generation Rent, evil tenants

  • icon

    Not too surprising if I am honest, this bottom of the market area can sometimes attract people with mental health issues.

  • icon

    Very tragic situation RIP, Sonia & Edgar.
    There was no sub-letting ever ever before Regularity interference following the 2004 Act plus 2015 DeRegulation of private sector housing, removing all LL rights & excluding him from his property, (because there couldn’t be when he had the power to deal with it) what did they think was going to happen if not designed to do so.
    Spare a thought for LL Christopher who was wrongly accused of murder and took ages to clear his name, the media couldn’t help themselves as long as it was damaging Landlords no stopping them .

  • icon

    Very sad RIP, Sonia & Edgar Tenants should disclose if they have mental health issues some of them would very
    very good at beginning in order to get the properties. Then when any issues arise you could see the bad side of that tenant.
    Landlords should have rights know any hidden disabilities like mental health issues of tenants

    Peter  Yednell

    Which is another reason abolishing Section 21 notices is stupid.. Landlords will be extra extra cautious meaning that those who have had mental health issues but are recovering will find it even harder to rent. It won't matter to me if someone earns £40k a year... Mental heath problems? I won't risk being lumbered for life with you, thanks.. Ditto to potential good tenants that may have gone bankrupt thru business failure but are working their way back along with recent immigrants and young people without 'bank of Mum n Dad' to guarantee the rent.. People who I currently consider because of Section 21... This "Conservative" government's policy on renting has already made me reduce my portfolio..


    There are charities to help people with mental health issues, I'm not a charity or a fool


    & for Landlords as well ?

  • icon

    My thoughts and prayers are with Sonia Butron Calvi and Edgar Aguilera Daza families. Have you thought what would have been the press reaction if it was the other way around?

  • Ken Anderson

    EVERY landlord is a potential victim like this. The communist takeover has begun.


    Yes we are, there's no shortage of fruitcakes walking the streets unchecked out there, we need to make sure be don't get one as a tenant

  • icon

    Mario, as I already said it was the other way around with Landlords Christopher (proved wrongly so) they got plenty of mileage out of that murder.

  • icon

    Micheal, you have no real Idea who or what your tenant is. ! Politicians, or their backers, see the PRS sector as mugs of whom they can dump their rubbish on to absolve themselves of any responsibility. And now a quick shakedown.


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