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Council named and shamed by government housing regulator

The Regulator of Social Housing has named and shamed a London council for its failure to provide assurance that it consistently complied with statutory health and safety requirements across a number of areas.

The council - Labour-run Ealing - had referred itself to the regulator back in February.

The council was found to have fallen behind in completing and verifying some of its safety checks on housing stock. 


It was also judged to have fallen short on its data systems, policies and processes to ensure that all required safety checks including gas, electricity and water were recorded and monitored.

The council insists it has now rectified those problems.

In a statement the council says: “In January this year, we undertook an internal audit of our building safety work, which highlighted some improvements that needed to be made. 

“We found that we needed to be more robust in a number of areas and could not consistently provide the assurance required on record keeping, compliance checks, and follow up actions.

“Although plans were in place to deal with all these issues, it was clear that our position did not meet the required standards.”


This prompted its self-referral to the Regulator of Social Housing, the national body which oversees social landlords.

Ealing Council blames the pandemic for creating a backlog in undertaking the checks.

“We apologise for any concern that this news might cause our residents. We are taking this issue very seriously and have prioritised and completed all of the most important tasks. We are working to complete the remaining actions, to make sure our homes reach the highest safety standards” says the authority.

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    Norwich City Council are also guilty of the same offence, gas boilers not being checked annually

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    Naturally they will be fining councillors and staff in the housing department £30,000 per offence the same as they do with private landlords
    And presumably they will be issuing a formal statement that private landlords are also able to use COVID as an excuse FOR NON COMPLIANCE ,as I am sure they would not wish to be accused of bigotry prejudice and discrimination

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    Same old with local councils they are truly appalling sitting watching the telly in their well paid pensioned jobs but enforcing quick to punish rules on the rest of us!

  • PossessionFriendUK PossessionFriend

    We had a successful case against a Cambridgeshire Council this week, when just before taking them to court - they paid up. Council had wrongly served a Fixed penalty on a landlord that we got them to withdraw and claimed the landlords expenses against the Council. - Result !


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