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Evictions running ahead of official figure - activist claim

Activists claim that the number of evictions using Section 21 is actually in excess of the reported by government.

Ministry of Justice figures released over the weekend suggest that private sector evictions have risen.

In the first quarter of 2022 there were 6,318 possession claims in England for cases involving rent arrears or other grounds, the highest level recorded since the series began in 2009.


In the same period there were 5,890 possession claims for Section 21 evictions, the highest since 2018.

But Generation Rent insists the true number of private renters facing eviction is likely to be “much higher”.

It claims this is because a valid Section 21 notice cannot be appealed so recipients often move out before the landlord applies to court, and do not get recorded in official figures.

Landlord claims overall have increased less dramatically because eviction claims by social landlords are still at historically low levels, representing 34 per cent of the total.


Baroness Alicia Kennedy, director of Generation Rent, says: “Private renters are facing a perfect storm. 

"The withdrawal of the £20 Universal Credit uplift last autumn removed a lifeline that was allowing families to stay on top of rent. That means more people falling into arrears and facing homelessness.

"At the same time house prices and rents are surging, encouraging landlords to re-let or sell up, at the expense of their current tenants.

"With inflation raging, the situation is only going to get worse unless the government steps in to raise Local Housing Allowance, freeze rents and put an emergency pause on evictions."

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  • George Dawes

    Activists , that’s an oxymoron .

    The most active thing they do is get out of their parents basement and go on a March

  • icon

    I wonder how many S21 evictions are based on S8 grounds, because of bad tenants that no one would want living next door to them? I would suggest far, far greater than Generation Rent would ever report.

  • icon

    A Section 21 notice doesn't automatically mean someone will be evicted or even that the landlord really wants them to leave. It can just be a warning shot or wake up call.

    In situations where a tenant has an affordability issue or a patchy payment history a Section 21 notice can be a very powerful piece of paper that gives a tenant the ability to get other creditors to back off and give them the breathing space to get their finances under control. It can give them the motivation to stop burying their head in the sand and go and see Citizens Advice or the Housing advice team at the local Council. They will be given help with budgeting, dealing with other creditors and any additional discretionary funding to get them back on track. Or they will be told their current housing is inappropriate and they need to downsize.

    The landlord is merely taking the first step on a three step journey which he can choose not to continue on if circumstances change. Very few landlords evict good tenants.

  • icon

    So the real figure is higher? So what? This will always have been the case. Surely the above statistic is just an indicator I.e. 10% more court cases would equate to 10% more evictions where the tenant moved on without taking it to court.

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    Landlords selling up and needs the property empty to do so, tenants not paying, likely the reason for 99% of eviction notices , what's wrong with that ?

  • icon

    Shelter, good old fashioned commies. Inflame the situation,do nothing about it, profit from it


    Their management certainly profit from it, six figure salaries

  • icon

    They are highlighting this like it’s a problem ! It is one of the natural outcomes in a dynamic private business model, if you accept that we give a property to an individual to rent, then you have to accept that at sometime in the future you will take that property off them (or they leave) ! I gather that Gen Rent want a one way system, whereas the tenant gets the AST and never loses it ……. They have lost the plot.


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