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Hot Stuff! Renters experiment with wallpaper that heats homes

No it’s not an April Fool - some tenants in Wales are experimenting with an alternative to radiators and heat pumps. to keep residents warm.

The graphene heat system, which looks and feels just like traditional wallpaper, can be plugged into a domestic socket, and is packaged with solar panels and a smart battery, meaning it cuts emissions while vastly lowering fuel costs.

Installed on walls, ceilings or under floors, the technology is invisible.


NexGen’s Graphene Infrared Heating is one of a number of innovate trials being carried out by housing association Melin Homes, funded by the Welsh Government.

Wales’ Housing and Climate Change Minister Julie James says: “The decarbonisation of homes plays a big part in our journey to a Net Zero Wales by 2050.

“At a time when costs are rising, improving the energy efficiency of homes will not only help us to deal with the climate emergency but also help families through the cost of living crisis.

“Just a little over a year ago, the First Minister put the environment and climate change at the heart of the Welsh Government’s priorities and, as we work to build a stronger, greener and fairer Wales, I’m really excited by the prospect innovative products like these could offer in helping us achieve our ambition.”

The system, which uses a combination of far infrared and convection heat takes two to three days to install and is claimed to be much more cost-effective when compared with a heat pump.

Melin Homes has collaborated with Swansea University who verified the performance of the technology. It is now in discussions with a range of other registered social landlords, and local authorities who have shown an interest in the trial of the radiant heat system. 

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  • Bill Wood

    So, this is powered by electricity, just like all other electric heating appliances. All electric heating appliances are either 100% or very nearly 100% efficient, so this wallpaper will be no better than a £20 electric radiator from Tescos. (BTW, fridges are a little over 100% efficient)

    Having heated wallpaper sounds crazy, the wall will get warm, and if it is a solid outside wall, much of the heat will go outside and be wasted.

    And solar panels will help reduce fuel bills for any heating system, no matter what the system is.

    As to being more cost-effective than a heat pump, anything (at the moment), will be more cost-effective.

    And who wants the technology to be invisible? It means that if it goes wrong, repairs will be so much more difficult.

  • icon

    Bill, no problem we’ll put a Thermal barrier on back of the Wall Paper and heat them with Solar Panels.

    Peter England

    Where are the solar panels fitted?

  • icon

    Bill you seem to have forgotten transmission losses. No mention of cost here. Politicians keep referring to smart things when the technology dose not exist. The Welsh politician is Basically lying, hidden behind euphemisms.

  • icon

    We can all tell when Julia James is lying- her mouth is moving!

  • icon

    I have an even better product available which is so light and so transparent you don't even know it's there. It's not even visible in the recycled bin bag in which it's packaged.

    It reduces the risk of mould if used in conjunction with adequate ventilation and avoiding drying clothes inside. It also increases the likelihood of tenants being able to stay long term if combined with prompt regular reliable rent payments and reduces energy bills when combined with turning heating off earlier and turning the thermostat down a few degrees.

    The only visible evidence that you have bought this revolutionary new product is the receipt and the absence of cash in your bank account.

  • icon

    These Welsh politicians are basically communists and diverting attention from their policies, such as refugee sanctuary, which will act as a magnet for the whole world to come here and freeload.

  • icon

    Robert very good, stick at it the next Robbie Burns in the making !.

  • John  Adams

    Aside from the basic physics of heating and power consumption, if this stuff is all over the walls, what happens if someone decides to bang a nail in the wall to hang up a photo of Aunt Gladys?


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