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Housing minister to speak directly to landlords at new conference

Housing minister Eddie Hughes - the politician leading for the government own the renters’ Reform Bill - will be the keynote speaker at the inaugural National Landlord Conference.

Hosted by the National Residential Landlords Association in partnership with Landlord Law, the conference - n November 15 - will focus on the future of the private rented sector and will be chaired by veteran personal finance journalist Paul Lewis.

In addition to majoring on the new legislation, the conference will also provide guidance on how landlords can best respond to a renewed government push to improve the energy efficiency of rented housing. 


Among the speakers addressing this topic will be Derek Horrocks, chair of the National Insulation Association.

Other speakers include Justin Bates, a leading barrister specialising in housing law at Landmark Chambers, who will speak on what planned legislative changes in the sector mean for landlords.

The conference will take place at the Coventry Building Society Arena - details join the conference website.


Ben Beadle, chief executive of the National Residential Landlords Association, says: “We are pleased that the minister has agreed to speak at our first national conference and would encourage landlords and letting agents to use this opportunity to question him on the government’s plans for the sector. 

“It’s important that he is able to hear from first-hand experience about what is happening on the ground to ensure planned changes really do work for landlords as well as tenants.”

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    Landlords just need to sell before the government and the tenants take full control of your property and the LL can never get it back.

  • George Dawes

    Hello peasants , your housing minister here

    Now why don’t you all sell your houses to my rich banker pals , and make them cheap too

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    I think you will find that Mr Hughes will be of as much use as a chocolate teapot. He is clearly a career politician with either no understanding or is wilfully ignoring the issues.

    If you are in any doubt please see the letter at the foot of ths post that he wrote to me via George Freeman in October 2021

    Re the content of that letter below I would just love to know how he felt the Government supported Landlords during the Coronavirus pandemic. I must have missed that…..

    I also fail to understand how reducing the number of rentals on the market and causing rents to rise through S24 and S21 changes provides protection for tenants in any way. I think he needs to read Economics for Dummies

    Copy of letter

    Dear George,

    Thank you for your email of 13 of September on behalf of your constituent about the Private Rented Sector. As per my previous letter I have set out our response to the issues which has raised.

    The Government is committed to bringing in a Better Deal for Renters to deliver a fairer and more effective rental market that works for both tenants and landlords. The Government has been focused on introducing measures to comprehensively protect renters and support landlords during the Coronavirus pandemic, including banning evictions and introducing longer notice periods for the majority of renters.

    We want to Build Back Better from the pandemic and improve security for tenants in the rental sector, learning lessons from the emergency measures we put in place to ensure our reforms deliver greater protection for tenants and support responsible landlords.

    I trust this information is helpful and I thank you for writing on this important matter.

    Yours ever,


    Catherine, with respect, and certainly not wishing to be rude in any way, you are totally wasting your time and effort writing to that glove puppet Freeman, he's there for his own ends and no one else's. just as those at shelter, generation rant and acorn are, noses in troughs and their six figure salaries, this is the twenty first century and it stinks


    Hi Andrew - no offense taken - I am aware but I can use their ridiculous responses on forums like this to shine a torch on what a waste of space they are

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    How can he love one and despise the other, then try to tell us he’s doing good for both, so dishonest,


    He's an MP, what else do you expect Michael ? snakes

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    That is not a personal reply in any event, just a verbatim regurgitation of a government press release. Very lazy imho, and just confirms both politians involved have no interest whatever in their constituents concerns.


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