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Mandatory Airbnb landlord register: Could it avert housing crisis?

Consultation events are to be held this week to gauge the reaction to a possible compulsory register for all Airbnb and other short let and holiday accommodation providers in part of the UK with a severe housing shortage. 

The drive to introduce compulsory accommodation registration in Cornwall is being led by the tourism industry which - according to a statement - “recognises its responsibilities for the safety of all and to maximise compliance with safety regulations, but also the impact of non-compliant operators can have on the communities in which they operate and the environment.”

The statement goes on to says that the emergence of Airbnb and similar platforms has created an explosion in additional holiday accommodation.
“This has led to over-tourism during peak periods and has added to the growing housing crisis with the loss of residential housing stock.” 


South East Cornwall Tourism Association, Penzance & District Tourism Association, Bude Area Tourist Board, Visit Tamar Valley, Visit Falmouth, Land’s End Accommodation and Visit Cornwall have joined forces to bring the proposal forward for Cornwall to act a pilot area for the scheme.

The bodies claim that compulsory registration could help ease the pressure on the residential letting market, with some operators - realising the regulations they have to comply with - potentially reverting to longer term lets.


Malcolm Bell, chief executive of Visit Cornwall, says: “This is an opportunity to provide a level playing field at last, with all providers bearing the same level of costs. Visitors to Cornwall will be reassured that wherever they stay the accommodation will comply with all necessary legislation to ensure they enjoy a safe, enjoyable holiday.

“It will be a driver to assist in the reduction of periods of over-tourism in certain areas of Cornwall caused by the increased ad-hoc accommodation that has sprung up in peak season and the associated issues that this creates. 

“A compulsory registration system would enable a simple way to communicate legislative changes to operators to ensure everyone is up to speed and compliant.

“The generation of key data is a massive advantage to discover the scale of the situation but also a major resource to help with future planning, transport, and healthcare needs. It would also help to spread the visitor load more evenly within the county and, more importantly, throughout the year.”

The consultation events are being held in two locations in Cornwall on Thursday of this week.

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  • girish mehta

    Waste of resources if you are not going to enforce anyone who does not follow the rules . Any way all this license rules imdoes not address the fundamental housing shortage.,government and LA taking the easy way out whilst lining their policies pockets. Funds raised have been squandered away with no real improvement in housing. . Just a vote rigging exercise to the uninformed to stay in power. Promise the world to Amy pressure and deamonise the landlords. Bring in
    More legislation to line their pockets.

  • icon

    Political nonsense that has nothing whatsoever to do with 'solving the housing crisis'.

  • George Dawes

    Like rearranging the deck chairs on the titanic

  • icon

    What is over-tourism?
    So now the powers the be are going to restrict the numbers of people going on holiday during summer peak times?
    "Viva espania"


    So how many jobs would there be down in Cornwall with out tourism ? my youngest daughter and her boy friend live and work there, they'll tell you the answer to that one

  • icon

    Andrew and the other cut, 90’000. Jobs to go in Civil Service, where on Earth are they going to get jobs, see the way he waited until Election was over before mentioning it.


    I can find them plenty of work, sweeping the streets, washing up in pubs and restaurants, working in care homes, labouring on building sites , proper WORK.

  • icon

    If people can't holiday in Cornwall at peak times, they aren't going to wait until low season, they will go somewhere else and Cornwall will loose out on tourism. I thought all these organisations wanted to encourage tourism.

  • icon

    Well who knew this would happen… FYI… I did. I also can see more of the same coming in time. The allowance for airb&b was never envisaged to be as large as it is today, it was for a few home owners with a spare room to make a bit of extra cash, it has gone way beyond that, with the end result…. A huge reduction in family housing to rent in certain (holiday etc) areas. This money making scam/idea will do nothing to solve it.

  • icon

    Viva la Airbnb! Best thing since sliced bread for me.... 👍


    unless your once rental home now is air b&b or dont you care about that

  • icon

    I can remember when Devin and Cornwall had considerably greater tourism, it's a big money spinner for the area. However l read the local press and some of the locals have a big problem with drink and drugs and keep reoffending, god knows what state their properties are like!


    maybe its because they dont have any where to live as they are now air b&b or second homes


    My youngest daughter lives down there, she and here boyfriend are converting a small barn , she will tell you some stories about the locals and where not to go


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