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We Told You So!  Landlords React to Labour’s latest reform delay

Landlords have welcomed the latest delays to radical rental reforms which were due to be implemented next month.

Ben Beadle, chief executive of the National Residential Landlords Association, says: “The NRLA had warned for some time that the Welsh Government’s timetable for implementation of the Renting Homes (Wales) Act was unrealistic and provided insufficient time for landlords to prepare. 

“It is reassuring that landlords’ concerns have been heeded, albeit late in the day. 


“We welcome the announcement that implementation will be postponed until 1 December 2022. 

“This will give the Government time to consider the many issues raised by private and social landlords ahead of these major changes coming into force.”

The act will drastically change the face of the private rental sector in Wales with a six-month notice requirement for a landlord to end a contract where the tenant is not at fault, a 12 month minimum ‘security of tenure’ from the date of a tenant moving in, rules on so-called retaliatory evictions and reforms to the management of joint tenancies.

In addition all landlords will be required to provide a written copy of the occupation contract to the tenant, setting out the rights and responsibilities of both parties; there will be a strengthened duty on landlords to ensure the property is fit for human habitation, including the installation of smoke alarms and regular electrical safety testing; and the introduction of a consistent approach to eviction where antisocial behaviour and domestic violence occurs.

The Welsh housing minister Julie James - announcing the about-turn on implementation- says: “I have over recent months received representations from landlords, and particularly social landlords, who have requested that implementation of the Act be delayed.  

“As such, and in the light of the unprecedented pressures they face, including Covid recovery and supporting those who are fleeing the war in Ukraine, I have decided to postpone implementation of the Act until 1st December 2022.  This will allow more time for landlords to complete the necessary preparations ahead of implementation.

“Wholesale reform of the type that the Renting Homes (Wales) Act is bringing about happens only very rarely - perhaps once in a generation.  I want to do all I can to ensure landlords have adequate time to make the necessary preparations to comply with the requirements of the Act.”

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    Postponed only to later in the year. Welsh Government getting shaky beginning to realise it will cause housing sector go belly up, however nothing will stop the dreaming up more crap in the mean time.
    Regarding Anti-Social behaviour they have the totally wrong approach in law, simply prosecute the offenders not the Landlord who is often victim.

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    If I were a Welsh landlord I would take this break in the storm to get the hell out of dodge 🤠🤠, sell sell sell.

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    I suppose we all know in our hearts what Government’ Council’s are doing, its not about protecting the Tenants or the quality of housing either that’s simply the justification
    given. The real reason is to set up a money stream online for ever its massive and the Digital Tax will be part of the plan. All the Penalties are also already set up on their payment systems ready to hit you anytime the want an extra few bob, even the Monoxide detectors that some think we don’t always need has a Penalty payment Box. Virtually every requirement had a Penalty payment box easy peasy.


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