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Furnished or Unfurnished? What’s the rental difference?

A new survey claims to show the rent differences between furnished and unfurnished homes to let in various cities.

For example London landlords can make more than £9,000 per calendar month if they furnish their property, according to CIA Landlord Insurance.

It says that on average, landlords with rentals in London receive £2,189 a month in rent. However, if they furnish their property, they could get £9,120 per month.


Bristol is the second most profitable location for landlords with furnished properties with the average monthly income at £2,038. 

Following closely behind is Brighton and Hove, where landlords can secure £1,898 per month for a furnished property, giving them a yearly income of nearly £23,000.

However the least profitable location for landlords with furnished properties is Plymouth, as these types of rentals cost £606, even £225 less per month than unfurnished ones.

CIA Landlord Insurance says London has the highest proportion of furnished properties in the UK. 

In May 2022, there were over 10,000 furnished rentals listed on Zoopla.

The city with the least number of furnished rentals is Swindon, with just 28 furnished properties listed there in May 2022. Wolverhampton also has a small number of furnished properties available, with 32 furnished properties listed in comparison to 88 unfurnished.

CIA Landlord Insurance said that in the UK, searches for ‘furnished rental’ have risen 19 per cent in the last 12 months. 

But there has been a decline in people looking for unfurnished rental properties, with internet searches dropping by 202 per cent over the same period.

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    • L C
    • 24 June 2022 09:46 AM

    "It says that on average, landlords with rentals in London receive £2,189 a month in rent. However, if they furnish their property, they could get £9,120 per month"

    What a load of rubbish

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    Did a human proof read this article? This is the sort of blunder I would expect from the Daily Mail!. If furnishing an ordinary flat pushes the rent up to over £9000 pm I'll eat my hat!. And the Plymouth data looks equally wrong. Where is the common sense?

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    £9,000 for short-let high-end corporate properties which happen to be furnished, maybe. Throwing £2,000-worth of furniture in my London 2-bed is not going to gross me another £90k per year :D
    Brainless PR by a company I will remember never to use.

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    What load of crap!!

  • George Dawes

    Always unfurnished , too much hassle with all the daft red tape regs

  • George Dawes

    Risen 19 percent to 2 percent 😂

  • George Dawes

    A seven grand improvement by adding some crap from ikea

    seems legit

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    The fact is you get less for furnished lettings I had done a blog but it disappeared for whatever reason, don’t mention so called specialist Insurer’s to me, increased premiums every year more terms, conditions & exclusions added and this purports to be their Survey .

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    I had to turn people away because they wanted it unfurnished the money wasn’t the issue at all they expected me to remove the furniture, where would I store it ? So I would have the same rent, what about the £3k+ I had just spent furnishing the place, try it and see £1500. 3 piece suite, dining table & chairs £1200. Beds £250. each x 3 £750, plus loads of other bits & pieces, that’s equates to substantially less income than unfurnished. I have always done furnished but now not worth it with Corona virus mattresses throw virtually every time Tenants change. I didn’t mind replacing in the past before they took away the 10% wear & tare but too many of unfurnished LL’s were falsely claiming the allowance so we have to suffer. Then we have all furniture compliance regulation’s. HMO disaster I went to Excel property show there was Seminars there telling people how to make money by making bedroom out of sitting rooms, I kid you not and they talk about forced in HMO’s to drive up standards.

  • icon

    Turning the sitting room into the bedroom is the nasty thing that the "rent to rent" guys do. I wouldn't deal with them in a million years - they make life worse for tenants in order to make money for themselves. It is as simple as that.

    Incidentally, if anyone is thinking of converting to serviced flats then you will need to provide everything (as I personally do already for shorthold assured tenancies). These are the requirements for serviced apartments in Scotland:

    One per unit: General:-
    Breadbin Broom
    Sieve Cloths
    Bread Board and a Bucket
    Chopping Board Cleaning Agents
    Automatic Electric Kettle 12 Clothes Pegs
    OvenCloth/Mitt Duster
    Table Cloth (or one placemat Dustpan and Brush
    per person) Floor Cloth
    Tray Spare Light Bulbs
    Washing Up Bowl with Door Mat
    Brush or Sponge Washing Up Liquid
    Biscuit/Cake Tin Dish cloths
    Butter Dish Ice Tray
    Condiment Set, (two pieces) Cafetiere/Coffee maker
    Mixing Bowl Sugar Basin
    Milk Jug
    Measuring Jug
    Toast Rack
    Water Jug
    Cutlery Box or Drawer Divider
    Carving Knife, Fork and Dish
    Corkscrew and Bottle Opener
    Fish Slice
    Kitchen Scissors
    Potato Peeler
    Potato Masher
    Sharp Vegetable Knife
    Tea Strainer
    Wooden Spoon
    Baking Tin/Tray
    Casserole Dish and Lid, adequate size
    Frying Pan
    Saucepans (large, medium, small)
    One Additional Large Saucepan
    (if six or more people accommodated)
    Oven Roasting Tray
    Pie Dish
    Slotted Draining Spoon
    Two per unit:-
    Vegetable dishes
    Ashtrays (if smoking permitted

    Also, of course, you need to provide bed linen which in Scotland you need to arrange to have changed twice a week.


    '' Knifes should be sharp enough for their intended use'', stabbing drug dealers ?

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    Ellie. What a list while some un-furnished don’t even give them a washing machine or extra white goods like freezers & fridge’s, ironing board or the Henry like we do. The 3 bed Semi generally has 2 receptions rooms but I have seen some HMO’s with all 5 rooms let, once they have the room sizes that is acceptable for driving up standards not. So everything they didn’t supply they are not responsible for unlike furnished accommodation, un-furnished wins hands down for better returns and not Pat testing every year either. Tell CIA that.

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    I can see the advantages of unfurnished accommodation, Michael, particularly if the tenants want long term accommodation. However, I may well not be in this business for the long haul because of the impending changes in the law. Therefore I prefer to have tenants who only want to stay for a shortish length of time.


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