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Housing minister to tell landlords how to improve their properties

Housing minister Eddie Hughes is to spell out how landlords can improve their properties ahead of legislation expected when the Renters Reform Bill is finally introduced to Parliament later this year.

In a roundtable discussion organised by Onward - which describes itself as a think tank with “bold and practical ideas for the centre right” - Hughes will be the main speaker.

Onward’s preview for the event - which lasts 75 minutes and is being held in the afternoon of July 6 - says: “Between 2007 and 2017 the number of households in the private rented sector increased from 2.8 Million to 4.5 million. With house prices increasing across the UK, demand for rental properties continues to rise, especially for groups such as young professionals or families in low income occupations.

“Poor housing conditions remain one of the key barriers to opportunity in the UK. In the Queen’s Speech last year, the Government committed to driving forward reforms in the PRS to improve tenants’ rights and protect the most vulnerable. 

“As the Government embarks on a mission to ‘regenerate’ the UK, including changes to the Decent Homes Standard, this event will consider what more private landlords and institutional investors can do to ensure homes are healthy and liveable.

“This roundtable will bring together senior policymakers and other stakeholders to explore how best to ensure higher standards in the private rental sector and the role of institutional landlords in supporting that process.”

You can see more details here.

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    The very last paragraph says it all …… “” institutional landlords ! And how they can support the aims ….. not the little landlords with a couple of properties obtained as a pension years ago ! They don’t even see us as part of ANY solution. Get your 🦆 ducks in a row ladies & gents, life as a small landlord will be getting very tough.

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    Never any mention of what caused all this, giving Bank of England control over Interest rates. The Interest lending Base Rate used never be below 4 / 5% then you paid a percentage on top of that according to your Credit worthiness. They kept reducing base Rates to nothing abolishing Savers the root cause of all, forcing people into property because they were getting no return only looking at their money devaluation in front of their very eyes. That’s what happened there’s not an economist in the Treasury.
    The excuse was to control inflation it didn’t work very well did it.


    True, but the reason it was put under Bank of England was because in the 80’s, the government put interest rates up to around 15% at one point - many homeowners lost their house because of this. So I’m not convinced the current system is worse than the previous one in which politicians decided this. Politicians do things like sell all your countrys’ gold at the bottom of the market (many thanks for that Gordon Brown!)

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    The Private Rented Sector increased from 2.8m to 4.5m in 10 years according to the Article, so there was a big need for the Service the Private Landlord provided or they couldn’t be buying the Property could they, did the Government have any plans to house 4.5m people from the Public Purse !.
    Ah’ yes round table discussions with Policy makers and STAKEHOLDERS that will be the new kids on the block John Lewis, Lloyds Bank and General Accident etc, no one asked me yet.

  • John  Adams

    Can't wait to see where he proposes to stick a Heat Pump on all those interwar and pre-war back 2 backs... Yet we still aren't mandating a minimum EPC of an A on new builds...we still aren't installing triple glazing and Solar by default on new builds, they still aren't mandating net zero heating in new buiilds....but we'll waste money trying to force through heating systems that will be unaffordable to operate and that are totally unsuitable for many old properties that make up huge swathes of the North.


    Agreed John it would be so easy to make new builds all conform to EPC A , so why isn't the government doing that first, maybe because it would upset their financial backers the developers who's pockets they are in

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    Why are they assuming all private renters live in Poor Housing Conditions .My Properties are all ways in pristine condition when the tenants move in. This is not all ways the case when they move out.

    We currently House 4.5 Million according to the report. So where is the Government planning to House these people when the regulations , taxation, and cost of compliance of one ill thought out , air brained scheme after another forces private landlords out.


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