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New build price rises lag behind a second hand market

Landlords considering new build properties to enlarge their portfolios may get more of a bargain than they expected.

New data from the Whathouse platform reveals that new build property coming to market has hit a record of £384,738, up by 7.2 per cent from the same period last year.

This rise is less than most measures of capital appreciation in the wider second hand market over the past year.

The platform also reveals that interest rate and cost of living increases do not appear to have dulled buyers’ plans as searches online for new builds continue to increase.

The Whathouse figures are based on data sourced from its own platform , compiled using a sample representing approximately 400,000 searches across Britain.

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    I would not consider a new build due to one thing…. Estate Rent ! Those uncapped charges for grass cutting etc on the common areas of the estate. I am just waiting for the big issue to come up in the future which will highlight how bad signing up for these really is, how about a sink hole !! On a road NOT owned by the council.

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    New build prices have been inflated for years by Help to Buy, perhaps the rest of the market has just been catching up a little in the last year.


    Agreed. This has been an unholy alliance between builders and government backed incentives. Many people will be angry about what they paid for in years to come.

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    Developer estates are dreadful, poor build quality, small boxes all pushed close together, the slums of tomorrow

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    New estates are normally timber frame, with OSB sheeting as a structural member. Some of the foreign OSB is awful, it burns well, rots well in the presence of moisture, and conducts sound well.


    I'm watching these buildings going up, all very well insulated but are they ''green'' thing is with a max life of 50 yrs they are anything other than green, those Victorian terraced houses built in the 1880s may not be well insulated but the fact that they are still standing 140 yrs after being built make them a lot ''greener'' than present new builds, and those Victorian houses will still be good homes in another 140 yrs long after the new builds of today are dust


    Totally agree Andrew.

    The so called Green Party haven't a clue about what are really green policies, hating clean Nuclear energy, efficient motorways, 60mpg diesel engines, long lasting traditional buildings etc.

    They're as much a friend of the environment as Shelter are a friend of decent tenants!

    It's time the silent majority woke up to the harm done by both these idiots.

  • Franklin I

    Interesting to know, but that doesn't apply in prime central London.


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