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Rogue landlord fined for putting tenants at risk

A rogue landlord that put tenants at risk has been fined for £4,808 for breaking housing regulations on a property in Wolverhampton.

The local council prosecuted Maciej Piotr Zaremba for breaching Management Regulations for a house of multiple occupation.

In September 2021, officers from the council gained a warrant to enter a property on after receiving complaints of intensive occupation and ill treatment from the landlord.  


They discovered a number of occupants residing inside the property who all had separate contracts, locks on their rooms and shared facilities, despite the premises not being a licensed HMO. 

Upon inspection, officers determined that the building had significant fire risks, inadequate fire detection equipment and that means of escape in the event of a fire were inadequate.

Officers also discovered an extra fuse board, wiring and banks of electrical equipment in the loft of the property, which posed a significant risk of overheating and causing a fire.

In October 2021, a letter addressed to the defendant was delivered to the premises inviting him for a Police and Criminal Evidence Act interview under caution to which council received no response.

In February 2022, an additional warrant was secured to ascertain if housing regulations had been complied with. However, officers discovered that no improvements had been made to ensure the safety of the tenants within the property and that additional tenants had been taken on.

Dudley Magistrates court issued Zaremba with a £2,700 fine for the offence and he was ordered to pay prosecution costs of £1,838 and a victim surcharge of £270.

Councillor Bhupinder Gakhal, Cabinet Member for City Assets and Housing, says: “The council takes a strong stance on HMO licensing to ensure the safety of tenants and I hope this case will serve as a stark reminder to private sector landlords that they must comply with the HMO rules.”

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    That fine sounds very low, I doubt in his country or origin any of this would be an offence which is why he ignores it, has the fine been paid ? I doubt it

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    There was none of this before 2006 when landlords were in control of their property. Un-Regulation’s, HMO’s, 2015 de-Regulation’s Act, Criminalisation of Landlords, stupid exorbitant fines etc. invented sub-letting, sub-standards and over Crowding. Well done Mr Prescott you must be in line for a knighthood.

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    Correct Micheal, it's s communist thing crimimalising small businesses. Their has been a problem with east Euoropeans slaving their countrymen and housing them in appalling conditions. Strangely it was the salvation army that instigated legal sanctions.


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