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So-called Illegal Evictions - training body wants action

A group delivering tenant relations training claims thousands of illegal evictions are made possible because many local councils have no trained tenancy relations officers.

Safer Renting’s analysis claims that in the year 2020 there were 6,930 recorded cases of illegal eviction or harassment of tenants, while only 12 landlords were convicted. 

It goes on to claim there is an “alarming disparity” between cases of illegal eviction or harassment and convictions, figures indicate that only 0.17 per cent of landlords who have committed these offences were convicted.


The group - which cites support from two London-based Labour politicians - then says in the year 2021 there were 7,778 recorded cases of illegal eviction and harassment - prosecution figures for 2021 are not yet available.

The figures are from one official source but along with information from the Legal Aid Agency, Citizens Advice, Shelter and Safer Renting itself.

“The count is an underestimate of the scale of the problem as it does not include those who sought advice from other agencies, those who sought advise but were unable to attain it because of limited capacity or those who did not seek advice for the issues they faced” claims Safer Renting.

The group concludes: “Local Authorities have the power to prosecute cases of illegal eviction and harassment. 

“However, many local authorities across England and Wales have no trained tenancy relations officers, meaning that renters who suffer illegal eviction or harassment are left without protection or justice.”

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    Those figures are only going one way--UP.

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    Here's a free Tenancy Relations Lesson:

    Pay your rent and look after my property, then you can enjoy a secure tenancy.

    DON'T and you WON'T!

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    Yes there is an "alarming disparity" between the rights of the tenants and the rights of the landlords, One has all the power but no responsibility or consequences the other has NO rights all the costs and all the responsibly and suffers the consequences I don't need to tell you which is which


    Nail on the head. So many useless lazy freeloaders in society today. They are all told they are "entitled" to everything; including the freeloaders we import on the dinghies

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    If no one is convicted it is an alleged offence. And the reason may be no evidence to support a conviction. Tenants being evicted can claim anything regardless of whether it`s true or not.

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    Publicity stunt with innuendo and fake information. !

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    We must are going back to Draconian times or have we been Nationalised. We must be the only Business that is not allowed to withdraw their Service’s, you can leave if you want but leave your Business behind for others.

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    It’s good that a life’s time of hard work, dedication and Sacrifices never mind putting up all the finance’s to be ripped away at a stroke, to give to someone to walk in with their idle hands hanging. they wants it so that makes them entitled to be permanent installed in my property, I think you are off your tree.

  • PossessionFriendUK PossessionFriend

    'Safer Renting is a Labour - Momentum, Renter coalition biased support group for a small % of Rogue Tenants, with similar absence of morals as other tenant support groups.
    All the tenants who can't find property to rent, and those that have received rent increases need to 'thank' safer renting.

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    Basically the politicians are encouraging all immigration and giving them, albeit surreptitiously, our properties, to that end.


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