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Student tenants and landlords warned over checking out for summer

A council is warning student tenants in its city to be quiet and considerate when checking out of private rental accommodation for the long summer break.

Leeds council has over 50,000 students within its boundaries, many in private lodgings, and says it has a dedicated team to monitor and stop student leaving parties ahead of check-outs.  

A statement from the council says: “Residents can be assured that nightly anti-social behaviour and noise patrols will continue throughout this next period and additional resources will be deployed to ensure any issues are dealt with quickly and efficiently. As well as keeping noise to a minimum, students and landlords can help by disposing of waste properly and recycling or donating to charities where possible.” 


Leeds Beckett University and the University of Leeds fund a doorstep collection service for items that can be re-used to 7,000 households throughout the changeover period. Good to Give blue bags have been posted to each household for residents to fill with their donations, which are then redistributed free of charge to Leeds communities. 

Meanwhile it says landlords and letting agents “have also been reminded of their responsibilities” for the correct disposal of waste from their properties and that enforcement action may be taken where required.

A council spokeswoman says: “Universities and students in Leeds make a massive contribution to our culture and economy but we do recognise that in areas with a higher population of students, some anti-social behaviour issues can arise. This was initially why we worked with the universities to launch the dedicated service team and so far it has proved to be extremely successful in de-escalating issues in communities and reducing call out times. I would like to echo the message to students to be mindful of their neighbours and follow guidance on disposing of waste in the proper way.”

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    Landlords being warned about tenants' litter and noise.

    Why is it the landlord's responsibility?

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    Tenants litter, tenants noise, tenants responsibility .

     G romit


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    It's useful for landlords of student houses to be made aware of what schemes are in place for rubbish and recycling. We don't usually live in student areas ourselves and don't tend to be on the social media student information sites so us getting information about these schemes is a bit unpredictable. They usually operate for 2 or 3 weeks on specific days and we often don't know about them until after they have happened, which can be frustrating.

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    Whatever next - spose its also the landlords responsibility to make sure the students dont drink too much and eat healthy food as well!


    Yes of course!

    The best way to ensure this is to hike the rent so they can't afford drink or junk food and will find healthy food is cheaper anyway.

    It's our social responsibility to ensure that they can't afford to misbehave by charging eye watering rents. They will thank us for it later in life - and might even emulate us if they qualify in something useful.

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    What's the problem with throwing them off the course.It reads as though their students are completely irresponsible people. What contribution do they make to the Leeds economy ?

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    What about STI surly the landlord is responsible (for not supplying condoms ,warning notices etc.) for that as well, I do know in Leeds Harehills and Beeston areas the landlord under the selective licence the landlord is responsible for the tenant's anti-social behaviour.
    It will come a time when the landlord is responsible for everything why not?


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