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Clampdown on 'exempt' landlords exploiting vulnerable tenants

Unscrupulous landlords in the ‘exempt rental’ niche will be driven out by a new clampdown, the government insists.

The exempt sector provides accommodation alongside care, support, or supervision, helping vulnerable people across the country. 

In short term supported housing, residents may have experience of homelessness, mental health issues or domestic abuse, and schemes should provide them with the skills and confidence to enter longer-term independent accommodation. 


But the government says there are instances of supported housing landlords providing unacceptable levels of support while charging extortionate rents. 

For example, there have been reports of landlords providing as little support as dropping off a box of cereal while claiming £250 per week in an area where the average rent is £80.

The government clampdown includes th e setting of minimum standards for support provided to residents in order to help their progress towards living independently; new powers for local authorities to better manage their local supported housing market and ensure no individual falls through the cracks ; and changes to Housing Benefit regulations to seek to define care, support, and supervision to improve quality across all specified supported housing provision 

There’s also a £20m fund for councils to drive up accommodation quality in some of the most affected areas. 

This follows pilots which saw DLUHC work with five local authorities around England to improve supported housing in these areas.

Minister for Rough Sleeping and Housing Eddie Hughes MP says: “We want vulnerable residents living in supported housing to have safe, appropriate accommodation, which meets their needs and can help them move onto more independent living.

“I’m pleased to open our Supported Housing Improvement Programme for bids today. This will build on the momentum from our successful pilots, helping councils in the worst-affected areas to tackle bad quality and poor value for money in supported housing, while preserving good provision by responsible providers.”


And the Minister for Welfare Delivery, David Rutley, adds: “The welfare system acts as a safety net to help people, including those living in supported housing and the Improvement Programme further strengthens that.

“Having a settled home gives people the security to improve their lives by getting on the employment ladder or taking other steps towards financial independence.

“This, supported by changes we recently announced which will give people on benefits the choice of putting money towards a deposit, provides the chance to make progress on the pathway to home ownership.”

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  • icon

    But it’s not just unscrupulous Landlords this government wants to drive out is it.

  • George Dawes

    Wait til the prs is gone who will the ranters blame then ?

  • icon

    ''Vulnerable'' or just plain workshy scroungers ? either way leave well alone, council's problem, not ours.


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