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Council claims it will inspect 29,000 rental homes

A council says it’s launching a rolling programme of inspections of all 29,000 rental properties in its selective licensing scheme.

The scheme requires all private landlords in much of Durham to obtain a licence to legally let properties in designated areas.

After the scheme's approval by the government in November 2021, landlords were invited to apply for a licence before the first inspections begin in August. 


The licence fee is £500 per property and covers the length of the five-year scheme with the discount period set to end on July 31.

Councillor James Rowlandson, in charge of the authorities resources, investments, and assets, says: "We're urging landlords to apply for a licence for their properties that fall within a designated area as this is now a legal requirement. There is still time to apply this month and take advantage of the discount available for new applicants, so we are encouraging eligible landlords to not miss out on the offer.

"The scheme is about holding landlords accountable who fail to provide appropriate living standards for their tenants. This is an opportunity for landlords to ensure their properties meet the required standard ahead of inspection, and to ensure they are complying with their legal obligations."

A total of around 29,000 homes, or 42 per cent of the private rented sector, are covered by the selective licensing scheme.

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    Another money raising excercise now that councils can fine landlords up to £30,000 for transgressions. No doubt they will go through these homes with a fine tooth comb to find any excuse to issue a fine.

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    Dick Turpin wore a mask !! Just another reason, when the time comes, to call it a day.

  • George Dawes

    They’ll have to get off their lazy arses first , somehow I doubt knowing the crass incompetence of councils they’ll get to 29 let alone 29k 🤦‍♀️

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    Do not be ridiculous George, of Course their going to be Inspecting it is the best money crabbing scam ever. and it is all fully approved by the Government. Who are rubber stamping these applications for mass Licensing.
    These regulations are a terrible risk for Landlords with less than perfect tenants. The Inspection will take no account of lifestyle , or damage done by the tenants. It is £30000 per Hazards up to £90000 and double that if it has an agent. More than the value of most of the properties. And the Council is Judge Jury and executioner.

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    • S S
    • 12 July 2022 09:58 AM

    Not a bad revenue raising scheme - 29,000 houses at £500 per house - £14,500,000 every 5 years!
    Extend the scheme to cover the other 40,000 houses in the PRS and that's another £20M. Not bad guaranteed income every 5 years!


    But who pays ? are that'll be the end user of course, the poor tenant

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    Don't blame the coucit. They have to raise the money somewhere to enable them to spend it on self importance schemes and they are very good at that.

  • John  Bentley

    Leicester city council have just approved a license scheme, over a thousand pounds for a five year license and have said each property will be inspected at least once in the five years. So that's a grand for about an hour's work? Robbery. All my rents will be rising accordingly.


    Yes it is robbery, but who are they robbing, not as they would like to think landlords, but tenants, the very people they like to claim they are protecting , pure ignorance of the facts

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    Spare a thought we have been doing it for 16 years that’s since 2006, I now have some done and re-done 4 times, Then we had Shelter take away our Deposits in 2007 + the 10% wear & tare + 2015 DeRegulation Act + Section 24 + now removing Section 21 + all the extra checking costs + all the other Regulatory requirements….
    When that junior Council girl comes with her clip board to inspect god help you.
    How could anyone possibly not think they love us so much, going out of their way to help us like that, we have to be grateful much appreciated Mr Council man.

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    Might as well pay the extra Higher rate Capital Gains tax and the double Stamp Duty Land Tax, its really helpful.

  • PossessionFriendUK PossessionFriend

    Every Landlord should be sending the Council's demand for a license fee, to their tenants with a notification of rent increase.
    It needs to be made ' as plain as day ' to tenants, as to the real reason for the cost of living and rent rises. ( More central Govt approved taxation by Local Govt - its cheaper than the govt having to pay Councils the money they need for enforcement ! )

  • icon

    Now I must study that Redress Scheme and find out who else I can compensate I can’t leave anyone out.

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    In Reply to Possession Friend, Very good Idea.

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    What's an appropriate living standard ?


    Interesting question Edwin, I as well as most on here have seen how some people live!


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