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Energy Efficiency: Do park homes beat mainstream rental properties?

A park home specialist is claiming that this property niche is better suited than conventional rental or owned homes for energy efficiency and coping with the cost of living crisis.

Quickmove Properties has surveyed 812 residents who have made the park move, for their observations on the resulting energy cost savings.

Some 69 per cent agreed that their park bungalow was more energy-efficient than their previous bricks-and-mortar home, with a similar number saying their energy bills were reduced. Over half the respondents believed the reduction was 30 per cent or greater.

Mark O’Dwyer, sales director at Quickmove comments: “With the recent hikes in gas and electricity prices and more to come in the Autumn, UK households are clearly feeling the pinch, causing many to consider more affordable dwellings. The modern park bungalows … are generally more efficient and cheaper to run than bricks and mortar, not to mention lower maintenance costs and typical council tax.”

Quickmove claims modern park homes are constructed to the latest BS3632 standard, which ensures they are built with energy efficiency at the forefront, including improved insulation, thick walls, ventilation, double-glazed windows, and a low-energy-use heating system. They also come with the latest energy efficient appliances, 

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  • George Dawes

    Why not go the whole hog and live in an underground bunker?

    In fact cut out the middle man , a nice coffin

    Very energy efficient

  • icon

    Maybe the modern ones are more energy efficient but they can be extremely expensive to buy (depending on the area) and have very high service charges.


    And built out of cheap sterling board, pre fabs


    They cost 30% less in energy as they are 30% smaller.

    Park home residents, owners or renters, are under the control of the park owner in a way that no conventional residents are. If they weren't such a small number then they would be in the gun sights of Shelter and the other mobs

  • icon

    As Karen says, they are very expensive to buy, the service charges are crazy and you abide by the park’s rules or your out…. No thanks, I will stick with my freehold, 1905 Edwardian detached house, granted the EPC will never get to a C, but I am not living in Butlins !!!


    Your 1905 house will still be standing in 100 yrs time, how long will these cardboard pre fabs last ? 20 yrs if you are lucky ?


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