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Evictions are falling over the long term, latest figures suggest

Fresh government data shows that over 2021-22, some 12,965 rental properties were repossessed - a huge increase on the previous year, where figures were artificially low because of eviction bans imposed by government during the pandemic. 

In fact, the 12,965 repossessions seen over the last year is actually 56 per cent fewer than the 29,347 recorded in the pre-pandemic year of 2019-20. 

What’s more, the level of rental homes being repossessed on an annual basis had already been declining steadily year on year, down from 35,046 in 2017-18 to 33,113 in 2018-19. 


The latest data shows that total repossessions account for just 26 per cent of all initial claims made by landlords. 

While this was far lower for obvious reasons during 20-21 at just four per cent, it’s a lower proportion than 2019-20 (28 per cent), 2018-19 (28 per cent) and 2017-18 (27 per cent).   

Hamilton Fraser Group chief executive Eddie Hooker says: “At first glance, it would appear as though the floodgates have opened where the repossession of rental properties is concerned, but this isn’t quite the case. 

“Following a year where tenant evictions were banned except for in certain circumstances, there was always going to be a spike in repossessions as a backlog of cases finally started to be processed. 

“However, we’re yet to see the level of rental homes being repossessed return to pre-pandemic levels and there are also a lower proportion of initial claims making it to this final, last resort stage. 

“While delays due to the backlog of cases may certainly be one cause, it’s also fair to say that the nation’s landlords have largely acted with empathy and understanding following the pandemic, understanding the problems facing many tenants and looking to help them rather than turf them out on their ear.”

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    Or is it just that we are being more careful than ever before who we rent to, I am for sure, 5* working tenants only need apply

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    The number of Landlords actually getting their property back may be 50% less. But tens of thousands of Landlords are wading through a quagmire of rules regulations , Loosing money hand over fist trying to get their Properties back from rent dodging tenants, who have all the resources and support of the Government for free.


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