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Landlords threatened with fixed penalties  and HMO licence suspensions

Landlords have been warned they risk fixed penalty notices and the loss of HMO licences if students leave rubbish in public areas when they check out.

Canterbury council has written to landlords saying unacceptable levels of household waste have been left piled up in the past.

The letter also warns a failure to act could lead to prosecutions and licences for houses of multiple occupation being reviewed.


A council spokesperson says: “I am shocked and appalled by the pictures I have seen in recent weeks of rubbish left piled on the streets once students have gone back home.

“This selfish behaviour affects the quality of life of those living nearby and is quite frankly disgusting especially during the warm weather we have been experiencing.

“These are supposedly intelligent individuals but sadly for some social responsibility appears not to be on their educational curriculum. I would have expected better.

“The council has tried to support both tenants and landlords at council taxpayers’ expense, removing huge volumes of contaminated waste for free.

“This cannot go on and we need all landlords to live up to their very clear responsibilities.

“We will come after those that wash their hands of the whole affair and are working with officers to find ways of forcing tenants and landlords to reimburse the cost of the clean ups.”

The council claims the licence holders for a HMO are required to supply appropriate bins and sacks at the start of each tenancy. They should also replace them where needed.

The letter sets out very specific demands on landlords to provide a blue lidded bin, red lidded bin, black lidded bin, two silver caddies for food waste, and full details of bin collections and recycling information.

Landlords have been told by the council that they “should immediately remove any accumulated waste, including discarded belongings, from the premises.”

If that does not happen, they have been warned they could receive a fixed penalty notice or be prosecuted under section 46 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 (Domestic Waste).

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    Will the DPS play ball and reimburse the landlord for the cost of removal?

     G romit

    Don't be silly, of course they won't!

  • Yvette Graham

    For gods sake we’ll need to wipe their arses and bottle fees them next …….I think the council would be better off to actually write to the tenants and explain that if they leave too much rubbish they will be fined not the landlord ….it’s their rubbish and they should be responsible for it


    Common sense suggestion at last. I just wish this could get through to council workers! Tell the tenants that the landlords will be required to provide the tenants’ forwarding addresses or those of their parents and let’s see how responsible shifts and they grow up faster!

  • icon

    Student's waste then the student is guilty of fly tipping, god aren't I pleased I stopped renting to the self important, entitled little brats yrs ago

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    If students can vote they should be prosecuted like other grown up voters even if they don't act like grown ups.

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    Talk about snowflakes - you couldnt make it up! tell them disposal will be deducted from deposits


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