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Lettings agency chain to offer ‘EPC-on-steroids’ to landlord clients

A national lettings agency chain is offering what it calls “first-of-its-kind EPC+” to landlords.

Connells says this will provide landlords with better understanding of their property’s impact on the environment, how they can achieve better energy efficiency and, ultimately, how they can make ‘greener’ choices. 

The agency claims that alongside its environmental benefits, the report provides landlords with “clear, achievable options to save on their bills and add value to their homes.”


The report, from an EPC provider called Vibrant, details a property’s current and potential EPC rating, the CO2 produced by the property each year and the CO2 savings that could be achieved. 

A statement from Connells says: “It also drills down to finer details, including what improvements are recommended to achieve a higher rating, how much they will cost and how much bills could reduce as a result, as well as information on various sources of funding that may be available.”

The agency’s chief estate agency executive, David Plumtree, says, “We’re proud to be one of the first to blanket adopt Vibrant’s market-leading EPC+, which we believe offers great benefits to our customers and for which there is considerable demand. 

“At a time when environmental issues and the cost of living are affecting so many, we are committed to prioritising the needs of our customers and our planet. 

“By offering the EPC+ service through our national branch network, we are able to reach a larger proportion of the population than any other property business, and we’re confident that our customers will reap the long-term benefits of this new offering.”

And Dan Kittow, managing director at Vibrant, adds: “The increased attention on improving the performance of the UK housing stock means that in the coming years landlords and homeowners will be under greater pressure to make improvements that will bring down energy usage.”

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  • icon

    Gimmick 😂 And what angle have they got to make money 💰 from it ? I don’t need help…. If the big C comes in, I am out !

  • icon

    Until the new EPC algorithm is applied to existing housing we are all just shooting in the dark.

  • John  Bentley

    Clearly just trying to sell products and services. No thanks.

  • Shelley Munn

    I'm not convinced they will show anything extra as such. EPCs are all governed by cost at the moment so unless this changes then landlords still do not have the best options interms of choice on how to heat their homes. Ie Electricity is always at present going to dumb down an EPC purely due to cost assumed by the software and the rules governing it.

  • icon

    A good EPC assessor will already run 'what if' scenarios and advise clients on more cost effective ways to improve an EPC score.
    For example one of my properties was recently assessed as D67. The recommendations are solid floor insulation, extra jacket on hot water cylinder, install a gas boiler. Cost between £7000 and £13000. The assessor emailed to say all I really needed to do to get to EPC C was replace the old night storage heater with a new Dimplex Quantum. Cost around £1500.
    That assessment was done earlier this year.
    Why is the EPC computer program recommending unnecessarily ripping out and dumping tons of concrete (which the local Environmental Health Officer has described as an environmental disaster and not something they would ever want a landlord to do) and install a gas boiler shortly before gas boilers are banned?
    How are Vibrant planning to override the EPC recommendations?

    Shelley Munn

    Exactly my thoughts Jo
    I am an EPC Assesor and show all my clients the options. Until the software changes then we are all very much at the mercy and tied by the riens of the government and what they dictate.


    Well said Jo. Work with your assessor whom knows what needs to be done cost effectively to ensure an EPC of a C. Some of these other recommendations are madness, floor insulation for starters. Heat rises, as if to give you a clue!

  • icon

    Until the EPC score is aimed at helping the planet and not just based on current costs of gas and electricity …. It will never work.

  • George Dawes

    A property next to me is in a terrible state , single glazed windows literally falling out , somehow the dump got a c rating , from closer inspection seems it was due to low voltage lighting

    I spent a lot of money to get the same rating , double glazing , special insulation etc etc

    The whole epc thing is another big scam , something we’ve got used to over the last 2 years …


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