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Need £3,000? - Cash incentive for landlords with the right properties

A council is offering a £3,000 cash incentive to any landlord of a three or four bedroom property available for immediate occupation. 

Maidstone council in Kent claims that the landlord is able to set the rent of the property and as long as it is “affordable” - and the council gives no clue as to how that is defined - then the incentive can be claimed. 

The urgent call for landlords is to help provide housing to residents in the most need, people facing homelessness and those on the housing register in the borough.


A dedicated team has been set up to work with landlords and residents to match suitable prospective tenants and properties. 

Other incentives include free extensive comprehensive landlord insurance, a bond in lieu of a deposit, a free specialist third-party inventory service, six monthly ‘tenancy sustainment’ visits, free advertising and free tenant check-in and check-out. 

Each individual property must meet a set of council criteria in order to receive incentives.

A council spokesperson says: “We really do urgently need landlords to help us if they have any available three or four bedroomed properties. We have decided to offer a generous one off payment to try and encourage anyone out there who might have a suitable property to work with our amazing Homefinder team. They will do all they can to support landlords get the best out of their properties.”

He continues: “We want to continue to work with private landlords who have property in and around the Maidstone area so please contact our Homefinder Team if you can help. Ideally we need to reduce the burden on temporary accommodation and provide families with good quality, long-term sustainable housing.”

For further information, call 01622 602252 or email homefinders@maidstone.gov.uk.

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    Do they think we have just got off the boat 🛶 ( no pun intended), any landlord doing this needs a medical intervention, they should be spending their time talking to the government and getting them to stop grinding us down to the point where we are all ready to sell up or will not take those on benefits. That would be a better use of their time, rather than going all “ Oliver” with the begging 🙏🏻 🥣 bowl.

    George Dawes

    Simon they exist in the entitled public sector with zero understanding of how the real world works , sitting on on their useless posteriors with gold plated pensions to look forward to that we’re subsidising

    Nice emojis 😂 👍🏻


    My local council poaches working tenants from landlords and leves the PRS to house the people who will not pay the rent. It is official policy and fortunately I have it in writing, a confidential document I was not spposed to see. Leave all council incentive schemes alone they are poison.

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    They cannot buy me for a miserable £3k

  • George Dawes

    Thx but no thx

    Anything that involves the council , forget it

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    Affordable ? To someone earning nothing ?


    Well they will be on benefits, but you will find even if the benefits are paid direct to landlord this will be weeks late, and there will still be a shortfall every month.

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    You’ve got to laugh. Councils now stumping up three grand in bribes because they’re so desperate for housing while at the same time hating our presence and with many councillors telling us that we’re not wanted and ‘don’t provide anything’! Well if we don’t provide anything you won’t want us to provide any houses then, will you?! Farcical bunch of hypocritical fools. Go bother the government.


    Who would ever trust a councillor eh Jamie?

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    So funny.

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    Maidstone Council offering a £3,000.00 incentive are in competition with an Agency working for the Dept of Justice who are offering a £4,000.00 incentive to house tagged ex prisoners. The conditions are extreme.

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    Kent, huh? Fergus Wilson -the pariah of the landlord world- had over 1,000 3-bed (and 2-bed) properties. IIRC, he was effectively hounded out into unwanted retirement. You reap what you sow, Kent, now suck it up! Quite honestly, it would need to be AT LEAST £10k for me to even consider taking the Council's dregs.

  • PossessionFriendUK PossessionFriend

    .. and how many other landlords have been deterred by the Jekyll & Hyde antics of Councils ?
    One minute, Private landlords are to be financially and criminally prosecuted, next, they are given 'financial incentives' to let their properties !

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    Nothing would persuade me to take this bribe, even if it was offered in my area. I guess if someone had a "hard to rent" property then it might be an option.


    Is there a '' hard to rent'' property out there ?

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    The 'History Debunked' YouTube channel have just put out a video with the title:

    'Wanted, five hundred four-bedroom council houses in Britain; but only for foreigners'

    Take a look...


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