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Stop knocking landlords!  Trade body’s key message to government

The National Residential Landlords Association has identified five key areas for its campaigning in the short term, as the Conservatives elect a new leader of their party.

The first is for an end to anti-landlord rhetoric and backing being given to the majority of landlords who provide good quality homes to rent.

Former ministers in the Department of Levelling Up, Housing and Communities have for some months been outspoken in their criticism of landlords, and markedly failed to counter criticism from groups such as Generation Rent when they attempted to dial up the anti-landlord sentiment.


The second area of concern for the NRLA is over issues that will arise in the student market as a result of plans to introduce indefinite tenancies.

As part of the Fairer Private Rental Sector White Paper, the government proposes periodic tenancies, meaning that tenants can leave poor quality housing without remaining liable for the rent or move more easily when their circumstances change. With students operating on a cyclical academic year, the proposals have raised alarm bells in the student accommodation sector.

The third and fourth areas of concern are to have firm principles to support landlords to tackle anti-social tenants quickly and effectively, and to reform the courts BEFORE Section 21 powers are removed to tackle lengthy waits for possession.

There is widespread concern that the scrapping of Section 21 eviction powers, as proposed in the White Paper, has not been balanced by a sufficient beefing up of other eviction powers, with continuing court delays raising the spectre of long-term rental losses for landlords unlucky enough to have problem tenants.

The fifth and final priority for the NRLA is whether the creation of a new property portal for landlords - widely considered to effectively be a landlord register - will mean that local licensing can be abolished.

A statement on the NRLA website says that the association believes that unless these issues are resolved now - while proposed legislation is still under development - they could lead to major problems in the future.

NRLA director of policy and campaigns Chris Norris says: “While the White Paper itself recognises the vast majority of landlords are providing good quality homes to rent, the language used in its announcement of the plans was divisive and unhelpful, pitting landlords and tenants against each other.

“The White Paper outlines plans for the biggest changes to the private rented sector in more than 30 years, and the Government needs to support landlords through these, by addressing potential sticking points early on.

“Without this it risks discouraging investment, at a time when demand for rental homes is at a record high, worsening the supply crisis and inevitably pushing up rents.”

The NRLA will be asking landlords to get involved by writing to their MPs to highlight concerns.

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    In LL forums we are seeing stories of tenants unable to find a new property or afford the rent rises imposed on them. Rather than making the PRS a fairer place for tenants the Govt is making it a smaller & more expensive place with no alternative for those who are relying on LHA to cover the rent.

    LLs have been warning that tenants are being squeezed out of homes but this Govt relentless pushes on with policies that force LLs to put up rents to cover the costs or sell up because it is no longer worth being a LL.

    The SDLT holiday pushed prices up so that FTBs saw the market running away from them and their deposits diminish in real terms & now rising interest rates mean those who can buy are paying thousands more to do so.

    Unless there is a change of direction this will continue to get worse. If mandatory EPC C comes in expect to see a housing crisis in the PRS with 1000s of families unable to rent a home.

    For all our sakes I hope a new PM will listen to LLs for once and reverse this trend of demonising LLs.

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    Indefinite tenancies for all categories of tenants will greatly reduce the size of the private rental sector. No point in just focusing on students. The white paper is very ruthless in its attitude to homelessness.

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    Every time the government knocks us do the tenant get knocked as well, will they wise up ? will they hell

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    Good advice to the government, but they are so tied up with their scandals and trying to become the leader I doubt anyone will listen, so sad for the tenants. Just as Tricia says, I am seeing the landlord forums having more and more posts on selling up and how their tenants cannot find anything else ! It’s just so avoidable.

  • PossessionFriendUK PossessionFriend

    Too Little, Too late !

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    How come taxing LL’s as legitimate business isn’t on the list? All our and our Tenants woes started with section 24!! Until the government recognises us as a legitimate business sector that adds value to society we have no chance of turning the tide. And that’s starts and ends with section 24! It’s much more than a tax … it’s a stance!

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    The disastrous White paper driving LL’s out. They hate landlords and Tenants alike. They have robbed Billions from Landlords with Licensing Schemes and trumped up Penalties charges. They tell Tenants they are their friends while they are the main cause of pushing up their Rents by something like 30% it doesn’t benefit LL with all the imposed costs, fees & compliance stacked against us.
    So much regulation now making it impossible to self manage. I know several that can’t do it anymore and that includes me, too much Bull sugar to deal with impossible and me a LL since 1978.
    Currently I have house with 5 Shares (licensed for 7) where one wants to change now proving impossible for me to do, you have to be all digital then you are automatically called a Professional, just press them buttons you are a Professional but only know theory and capable of actually doing nothing with property but all shinning Gov’ stars.
    Incidentally I actually Built this House by my own hands with only hand tools, no electric on site and cordless tools or computers not invented and no family or government support. Now then that was when I was less than one third of the age I am now. I would like those so called Professionals to try it, any volunteers I’d love to see it you know everything and can do nothing.


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