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Tenants’ ceiling collapse leads to fine for landlord and owner

A landlord and owner who failed to repair a serious water leak have been fined £4,000 after their tenants’ bathroom ceiling collapsed.

After the tenants got in contact with Lewisham council in south London in November 2021 to complain about the leak from the bathroom ceiling, housing officers served the landlord and property manager with a formal notice requiring them to take action.

Two weeks later, despite several warnings from the council, no repairs had been carried out, resulting in the collapse of the bathroom ceiling. 


The collapse made it impossible for the tenants to enter the bathroom and also cut power to lights in the flat, forcing them to be moved into temporary accommodation.

Landlord Felicia Ifeobikwu and property owner Michael Okoroafor pleaded guilty to not complying with the original repair notice and a £4,067.83 fine was issued.

A spokeswoman for Lewisham council says: "We are committed to supporting private renters in Lewisham and taking action against landlords who break the law. 

“Everybody has a right to good-quality, safe housing and we will continue working to improve standards in the private-rented sector.”

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    Another case of British law doesn't apply to them ?

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    I find the comment made by AT offensive and lack of professional judgement.

    Not because the Lld and owner's surnames do not fit the British "consensus" they should be judged. The landlord and owner do not desrve my professional respect because they have not responded fast enough (I would argue they were careless). Careless Llds. should not be allowed to be Llds.


    Isn't it funny how, many, many, many, many, many, 'careless' landlords, seem to not fit the British 'consensus'.

    One could 'almost' discern a pattern.

    Perhaps the reporting is skewed.

    I say much larger fines for offenders.


    Truth hurts ??

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    These careless Llds., in law are defined as negligent. I should say they don not have the right to be a Lld. Other professions i.e. doctor if found negligent the doctor is struck off and may be go to prison. Llds should be no different. Lld is an honourable profession and it should have its own standards and self regulated. On the other hand is wrong, offensive, unethical, etc to blame surnames as the cause of the negligence

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    I think AT is not saying that surnames are the cause.

    The cause is:- the negligent, 'careless' people, that have absolutely no regard for other humans, the rules, or the law, and are happy to put others at risk, generate tenant misery and enable landlords, to all be tarred with the same brush, making it a publicly hated group.

    The reporting from this site does seem to be illuminating a trend...
    I'm sure most here would be interested in seeing the relevant,accurate, statistics.

    Solve by: exponentially increasing fines until they are out.


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