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Tory MP breaks cover to back White Paper pets in lets proposal

Little may have been heard of Conservative MP Andrew Rosindell in recent months but he has broken his silence to back the government’s proposal to make it easier for renters to keep pets.

Rosindell, the MP for Romford, last year introduced the Dogs and Domestic Animals Accommodation and Protection Bill into the House of Commons. 

It called for dogs and other animals to be allowed in rented accommodation so long as owners demonstrate their care for them.


The proposal had cross-party support and was backed by animal welfare charities including the RSPCA, Battersea, Dogs Trust, Cats Protection and Dogs on the Streets. However, no time was found for the Bill to make progress because Coronavirus restrictions have cut debating time in the House of Commons.

But a similar provision contained in the government’s Fairer Private Rental Sector White Paper has now won support from Rosindell, who wanted his own measure to be called “Jasmine’s Law” after the name of a dog he knew of.

Rosindell says:  “I welcome the legislation being proposed to fix a problem which often unfairly discriminates against pet owners. Since I first proposed Jasmine’s Law to Parliament it has only become more clear to me that we need to urgently find a solution to the problem of how to bring pets into rented accommodation.

“I know first-hand just how much joy pets bring, and the fantastic effect they have on your mental and physical wellbeing. It doesn't make any sense to exclude renters from these benefits. 

“Pets are an important part of many families. They bring joy, but can also be a great help in hard times. I'm sure many people could not imagine going through the pandemic without their pets by their sides.” 

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    How about sending all bills for damage photos better still the filthy carpets from dogs to Andrew Rossindale for him to add to his jasmines law charter. This is textbook MP behaviour selling the public out to gain a bit of self publicity.
    This is Labour masquerading as Conservative we have a socialist government in all but name

  • icon

    It more interference in the PRS doing even more damage. It should be left as now between LL & Tenant and that’s difficult enough to deal with already. I have suffered it all, dogs in property often unattended all day, doing damage, furniture, carpets ruined, smell atrocious,Garden full of poo, dogs sleeping on Beds, used as weapons to prevent LL doing his duty or any maintenance. Gas Engineer came and scared for his life dropped his tool box (cracked the Ceramic Floor Tiles) made for the door and owner saying he won’t touch you. No use talking about Insurance waste of time and a another load of unpaid bureaucracy there’s not enough hours in the day.
    1600 Postal workers bitten in the year if you are looking for evidence and they don’t even have to enter the House. Regarding the little dog in the Article don’t think they are going to be like that little one, although one of my Tenants already has one exactly like that one. Wee all over the place and evident as soon as you walk in, sometimes you can just see his head poking out of her bra. So it’s all new & wonderful to those people making regulation’s that had never to suffered the consequences.

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    It called for dogs and other animals to be allowed in rented accommodation so long as owners demonstrate their care for them.

    How do you prove the above statement?
    A landlord has probably never met the new tenant until they view the property shortly before moving in. Or the viewing is done by video so the landlord and tenant don't meet before moving in day.
    If it's referring to existing tenants getting a pet at some point during the tenancy how can they demonstrate their care in advance of owning an animal?
    How many people got pets during lockdown and have regretted it? How many articles have been run in the media about animal rescue charities being overrun with unwanted pets? How many articles do we see about animal neglect or cruelty? That's all before a few million tenants have a go at keeping animals without having a clue about animal welfare realities.

  • George Dawes

    Lots of tenants don’t care , that’s the problem

    There’s a dog barking away next door as I write this , that’s how much they care , probably lonely and scared poor thing

    Selfish owners that’s the real problem

  • icon

    No, yes I am only too well aware Its not only dogs but a good starting point. I have had all the other speeches, like , armadillo’s , guinea’s pigs, pet mice, live rats from China to feed the snakes, need I go on ?, so Its not to just force us to house Tenants for life but also their animals and other species.


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