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Landlords REALLY dislike the government - here are the figures

The new Chancellor is about to unveil his strategy for growth - but for now at least the government appears hugely unpopular with landlords.

A recent SpareRoom poll revealed that 94 per cent of landlords have no confidence in the government’s approach to housing, with 36 per cent saying they plan to reduce their portfolio this year and a further 16 per cent planning to leave the rental market by the end of this year.

With demand from tenants currently at an all-time high and supply at a nine year low, the impact on the market of more landlords leaving could be huge.


SpareRoom surveyed over 700 Landlords/agents and asked what they believe will mostly likely help the rental market.

- 72 per cent wanted a reversal of recent changes to buy to let mortgage interest tax relief;

- 66 per cent wanted the three per cent stamp duty surcharge scrapped; 

- and 56 per cent want the Renters Reform Bill dropped.

A separate SpareRoom poll reveals that the government has almost entirely lost the confidence of tenants too, with 95 per cent saying they have no confidence in the government's approach to housing.

SpareRoom director Matt Hutchinson comments: “The UK is currently in the grip of a rental crisis. Demand for rooms is at an all-time high, while supply has dropped to a  nine year low. That’s making life incredibly hard for tenants trying to find a place to live.

“Government’s plan to squeeze smaller buy to let landlords out of the market seems to be working, but there doesn’t seem to be a plan to replace them with an alternative. 

“Unless something changes, we’re looking at a very bleak period for the rental market. If it’s not working for landlords and it’s not working for tenants, the question has to be, who is it working for?”

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  • George Dawes

    Anyone with common sense hates their governments

    They’re there to control you not much else

  • icon

    An article which clarifies the whole problem, well done 👍🏻. The solution…. Not so easy with morons in charge. I am still joining the ship 🚢 out of port., unless Liz has a total about turn this will only get worse, and we all know it.

  • icon

    I disagree the government destroying the private rented sector. Control is a joke they don't even understand private landlords
    Jim Haliburton
    The HMODaddy

  • icon

    I am the surprised the numbers are so low. For example only 56% want the renters reform bill dropped. Is the other half asleep??? I have a dreadful tenant and it’s difficult to get rid now. No S21 and it will all be up to the tenant to leave when and IF they ever want. Tenants get more rights than the owner of the property. How can they be fair?

    People here are far too soft and charitable saying they don’t mind more tenants rights. Why do you think all those dinghies come here? So they can walk all over us and live for free.

    One day one of the 44% of the softies will get a bad tenant and wonder why they went along with all this nonsense.

    Landlords and Tenants need S21 as a healthy deterrent. Otherwise they will become unruly knowing landlords can do nothing about them anymore.


    For every 1,000 illegal migrants the council tax should go up £1.00 (to help pay for their costs) and for every 1,000 sent to Rwanda or elsewhere council tax should go down by £1.00. Then see how many 'softies' there are.

  • PossessionFriendUK PossessionFriend

    Landlords need a ' Conservative ' government. Sadly lacking for many years.

  • icon

    I think we should make all of the softies pay into their own charitable fund.

    Oh but wait. Most of them don't have any of their own money to pay in. It's all their own idealogy of having equality for all including the feckless. With rare exceptions like champagne socialists like Polly Neate on over £120k per year.

  • icon

    Politicians understand very well ! Nobody would vote for them if they admitted what their real policies were. . Going to see my MPs, at various times and talking to people in the queue it's clear that the MP soons gets the idea. In one area people seemed amazed that any one had a job longer than 2 weeks ! Another time a council tenant wanted a new kitchen, and from her mobile phone pictures she had clearly removed a few tiles to prove her case. Etc Etc.


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