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Rental Reform - will it actually happen under new government?

* Angels Media and Landlord Today are deeply saddened by the passing of HM Queen Elizabeth II *


Agents are warning that uncertainty across the private rental sector now reigns following the resignation of the architect of many of the government’s proposed reforms.


This follows the resignation of Eddie Hughes, the junior minister who was the architect of the Rental Reform Bill and the Fairer Rented Sector White Paper. Hughes tweeted yesterday: “I have decided to hand back by red box in return for the opportunity to spend yet more time working for my constituents in Walsall North, championing their causes in Parliament. Thank you to all in the rough sleeping & housing sectors for support during my time as a Minister.”

In response Timothy Douglas, head of policy and campaigns for Propertymark, stated: “A change of minister will add to the uncertainty the proposals within the renters’ reform white paper have created among the landlords our member agents represent, specifically the lack of protections against anti-social behaviour with the removal of Section 21 notices and the move away from fixed-term tenancies. 

“We’re ready to work closely with whoever replaces Eddie Hughes to ensure that if the private rented sector is to be reformed, it is fair, balanced and workable, and goes ahead without any further delays.”

Activist groups such as Shelter and Generation Rent expressed their disappointment at the departure of Hughes, who is widely attributed at swinging the balance of power from landlords to tenants with his various proposals.

Just hours after Hughes announced his departure another junior housing minister - Marcus Jones - announced he too was going. 

Remaining at the Department of Levelling Up, Housing and Communities will be other junior ministers Paul Scully (local government) and Lia Nici (levelling up).  It is thought further appointments to the now-vacant posts have been temporarily suspended while there is uncertainty over the Queen’s health. 

Meanwhile pro-tenant groups have been outspoken at saying the energy cost cap measures introduced by Prime Minister Liz Truss yesterday don’t go far enough - for private renters anyway.

Generation Rent took to Twitter to say: “There’s no escaping the fact that the UK needs to cut its gas consumption - for climate, security and the economy. But private renters are getting very little help with this. The reason so many of us are in fuel poverty is because our homes are more likely to be badly insulated.”

And the activists go on to say: “We need further action from Liz Truss. Make landlords bring their properties up to EPC band C; Insulation grants that meet the scale of the challenge; Protections from eviction and rent hikes that encourage us to ask for improvements and apply for grants in the first place.”

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  • icon

    Thank god that disaster has resigned. Hopefully some common sense and balance will be restored now.

  • George Dawes

    With King Charles 3 on the throne I fear problems are just beginning….


    The change in the Head of State will not make a difference to Govt policy. Your post is hugely disrespectful at a time when most of the country will be mourning the death of The Queen.

  • George Dawes

    Look up his connections with klaus Schwab and the wef

    The future of the uk and the free world is bleak , people need to wake up before it’s too late

  • George Dawes

    I apologise if it sounds I’m disrespectful of her majesty, I’m not , she was a wonderful lady , amazing

    The rest of her family apart from Anne You can keep

    Personally I’d make Anne the Queen , she’d make a brilliant monarch 👸 she reminds me so much of the queen . Never hear any nasty stories about her do you ? She behaves with class and decorum unlike some of her siblings ….


    I totally agree there George, I had huge respect for the queen and join the rest of the country mourning her death, I cannot bring my self to address Charles as king, the man is a very unpleasant idiot, some people have very short memories

  • George Dawes

    His ridiculous ideas on climate change will be the ruination of this country ( EPC )

    The fact that global temperatures have actually gone down in the last 10 years and the uk contributes less than 1% of human carbon emissions seems to have escaped him


    His idea or Princes Nutnuts ? either way the damage is done, now we pay for it in this cost of living crises


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