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Generation Rent seeks new director within three weeks

The Generation Rent campaign group is advertising for a new director - the role held in recent years by Alicia Kennedy, formally known as Baroness Kennedy of Cradley.

The salary will be £57,000 - around twice the median average salary for all employees in the UK - but the group says in its advertisement in Guardian Jobs: “Salary circa £57,000, or dependent upon experience, plus employer pension contribution of 7%”

Kennedy joined Generation Rent as director in the summer of 2020: upon taking the role she resigned the Labour whip in the House of Lords and became, officially, a cross bencher.


At the time of her appointment the group said Baroness Kennedy’s focus would be to secure improvements to the lives of renters including the abolition of Section 21 eviction powers.

In recent years Generation Rent’s role as tenant advocate has been rivalled - some say overtaken - by Shelter, which has undertaken extensive research and executed high profile publicity campaigns.

The advertisement for Generation Rent director says the successful candidate will manage a team of seven and become “a trusted voice in the debate by policymakers across the political spectrum.”

The closing date for applicants is Monday February 6.

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  • icon

    New director - new ideas? probably not - just the same old rhetoric of LLs are bad, tenants are good.

    Seriously - an opportunity for GenRent to change their stance & engage with the PRS in a way that helps tenants, but I don't imagine that will happen.

  • George Dawes

    I nominate a tree stump , it'll be about as much use

  • icon

    Anyone up for a new job, let’s hijack GR from the inside 😂

  • icon

    It seems the GR staff of 7 are much more effective in influencing Government policy than over 2 million landlords and about 11 million tenants!

  • jeremy clarke

    Would there be any point in a landlord-centric applicant applying?
    The ability to hold a placard and shout "what do we want, and when do we want it? Now!" is missing from the advert as is a degree in anarchy or pottery or some other rubbish, me thinks that unless you are a genuine benefit claiming tree hugging vegan you ain't got a chance!


    You missed out needing to be falling into one of the LGBGTA+ or whatever it is now I just can keep up!

  • icon

    I think they missed out the bit about the successful applicant having to swear allegiance to the Fuehrer


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