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Up to 80 tenants evicted thanks to council banning order on landlord

A bizarre situation has arisen with a Labour council securing a banning order on a landlord - who now has to evict up to 80 tenants as a result.

The Bristol Live news website is reporting that local landlord Naomi Knapp was issued with a banning order in 2022, confirmed on appeal in May this year.

Knapp’s tenants were reassured by the council that the order did ‘not necessarily mean they will need to leave their properties’, but now all the tenants have now been asked to leave by December 1.


The terms of the banning order gave Knapp six months to comply with the order by either selling the homes as rented properties with a sitting tenant, or passing ownership and control over to someone else, so she is not the registered landlord. 

Bristol Live reports that the council claims Knapp has failed to arrange alternative resolution to the problem so is now having to evict the 60 to 80 tenants believed to be in properties in her ownership.

Knapp told Bristol Live that the lettings agencies she uses have issued Section 21 notices against every single one of her tenants in all of her properties, giving them until December 1 - six months from the confirmation that the banning order would stand - to move out. 

She is reported to have applied to the Property Tribunal which issued the original order for a variation which would give her tenants more time. She says she now wants to sell her properties and no longer be a landlord.

She says: “The empty ones I’ve been putting on the market, and I have managed to sell a couple, but the housing market has pretty much frozen, especially for homes with sitting tenants.

“It just feels so unfair. The action taken by the council related to four or five of my properties, and yes I did have issues with a couple of them. 

“There were repairs that weren’t fixed, but this was at the the time of Covid and it was pretty impossible to find people to go and fix repairs in a timely way.”

You can read the full Bristol Live story here.

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  • Ian Deaugustine

    Total solidarity with this landlord: how could one fix problems during COVID?

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    Not wishing to think Badly of this entrepreneur landlord, but to get an order banning her from being a landlord 🤐 it must of been bad 🤔 . There is more to this than a downtrodden landlord being targeted by an uncaring council 🆘


    Not true, I have had contact with councils, Labour run, they want to destroy landlord’s business at any cost. They couldn’t care less about the tenants also.


    A private landlord in Scotland who owned 7 flats in Glasgow got banned, ie, struck off the Landlord register about one year ago , as he did not have 2 up t date EICR ( Electrical Safety Reports ) and 2 gas safety reports even after he explained that he could not get the required qualified tradesmens to come out during covid to 2 of his flats..even although everything else was ok as regards the numerous ` safety certifications ` for his other 5 rented flats this private landlord had to serve notice to leave on all 19 private tenants not on just the tenants in the 2 flats that he could not get any tradesmen to come out during covid to carry out the Councils gas and electrical ` safety checks . This is nothing to do with Councils gas and electrical ` safety checks and `protecting` private tenants this is to show private landlords in Scotland who the real bosses are and they the Scots Gov and the Councils in Scotland are good at installing fear and exacting punishments in Scotland on so called ` rogue ` private landlords who rent their own private properties to private tenants who desperately need flats or houses to live in..then they wonder why there is a mass exodus of private landlords in Scotland. I spoke to my letting agent last week in Scotland and he told me he has never seen anything like in his past 20 years in business...he is getting phone calls from some people who pleading with him and who are crying on the phone to him who cannot even get a viewing to even see a flat to rent in Glasgow..you could not make it up but this is now the reality due mostly to The Scots Gov interference over the past 10-15 years in private ownership which has impacted the vast majority of private landlords and private tenants.

    The above type `banning ` of private landlords is just another example to prove that the people in Gov in the UK and their Council enforcers could not find their way out of a phone box..and I wonder if the people who made this ` banning` order which has in effect made 80 people homeless have the ` required ` gas and electrical safety certification in their own houses or is it just the safety of private tenants that they are concerned about not the `safety` of their own families who live in their own homes..its the old divide and rule again..one rule for them and another rule for private landlords or perhaps its jealousy that they cannot do what most private landlords have to do to stay in business


    I got banned during covid by Rent Smart Wales when you could not evict tenants anyway, for not paying my renewal fees when I had alrady paid them twice as requested by them. The absolute stress this caused while trying to sort it out from my home in Cyprus was unbeleivable. The response to my follow up complaint did not include an apology, just excuses as to why it happened.

    Peter  Yednell

    Possibly your right 'more to this' but there is probable wrong wrong on both sides. That all the LL's tenants appear to be on periodic tenancies is suspect.. We all have had tenants who don't want (or can't be bothered) to sign a renewal tenancy but 80 seens a lot.
    I would support periodic tenancies to become roll over tenancies just to stop the likes of shelter screeching about supposed arbitrary two month notices. Landlords would have one opportunity per tenancy contract /roll over to serve an expiring Section 21. LLs need to embrace sensible reform. The Renters Reform Bill is not sensible.

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    She wants to sell, tenants want to stay so Council should buy them - isn't that what the tenant groups want? Oh wait - Councils don't want to own or run housing!

    Very short sighted of the Council - there must have been a better way to deal with this situation!


    Council could have carried out the repairs themselves and then invoiced the landlord or taken a charge against each property

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    Looks like they wanted the landlord to sell the properties to another landlord, but unfortunately it's usually better to sell vacant properties. Hey ho.

  • Ian Deaugustine

    This event confirms the trend that the UK Government and Local councils have stopped providing social housing services. Hence, they expect the private landlord to do their job (which they were highly incapable of doing properly).

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    • A JR
    • 11 October 2023 08:18 AM

    Well, the dismantling of ownership continues, this landlord no matter the circumstances, is being ‘required’ by a banning order to sell her properties ‘with tenants in situ’. So not only is she being driven out of business, she has to sell at a hugely reduced value without her right to sell with the all important ‘ vacant possession’. And, if the ‘tenant in situ sale’ is complied with her right to evict has also been removed. There are no evictions here, just the wholesale denial of her ‘ownership rights.’

  • George Dawes

    You’ll own nothing and the government and their banker pals will be happy

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    If the English Government introduces a ban on sec 21 and require a Landlord to be on a Landlord Register this will have a similar effect. There will be a mass exodus of Landlords from PRS and the shrinking pool of available rental properties will be out of most people's budget.

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    Too late, they are sure to win 🆘🆘🤡🤡 I haven’t voted for them, but most people I know will be doing 😳

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    I feel sorry for the people who want to rent a home because government and councils are doing their best to stamp out the PRS. If Labour win I wouldn't be at all surprised if all private LL were required to sell. Labour are slaves to Generation Rent.

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    I read the full article in the link and it was very light on detail about what the landlord hadn't done. It showed a photo of a filthy shower cubicle the tenants hadn't cleaned.

    During lockdowns it was incredibly hard to get tradespeople to turn up.
    I pay for the British Gas plumbing and drainage policy and had a bath/shower mixer tap that wouldn't turn on. Called BG and they said they would only send someone if the house contained any vulnerable people or NHS workers. It was occupied by medical students who were at the local teaching hospital. That wasn't good enough for BG as they weren't actually paid NHS workers. Fortunately my son could deal with the tap but I felt it was an incredibly poor service from BG, especially as they didn't even offer a refund for the period they refused to attend.

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    Jo l had very serious problems with a tenant during covid and the council,police, rspca etc did not want to know ! Getting access was very difficult. Funnily enough a railway worker said the main rail customers were drug dealers.!


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