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Council says ‘good landlords’ can have cheaper, longer licences

A council statement announcing a complex new licensing regime for the local private rental sector claims “landlords and agents who are compliant with council requirements, manage their properties well and can meet a set of criteria will be eligible for a cheaper, longer licence.”

Portsmouth council has set up a website for applications for any one of three different HMO licences - officially the closing day is today. 

The authority has so-called ‘support sessions’ for applicants at its civic offices today, and Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of next week. A special support team can be contacted via the council website or on 023 9284 1659.

The council says that as good landlords register, so “the council will be able to dedicate more time to less well performing landlords or agents to help them improve if they are issued with a shorter licence.“

Councillor Ian Holder, cabinet member for safety in the community, says: "The way we're licencing HMOs is designed to recognise landlords that comply with our requirements, giving us more time to work with landlords who need our help. I'd encourage landlords to get in touch with the team if they need any help at all, we're here to help you get the best out of the new system." 

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    How nice! Translates to we simply won’t bother with 90% and charge them anyway. A hidden tax and an example of legalised theft at it’s finest.

  • icon

    Generous indeed, but no thanks as I am off 😂😂💰💰

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    I have dealings with Portsmouth Council, so inefficient. They cannot send invoices via email, it has to be printed, put in an envelope and poster. How much does all that cost? Numerous times they are 'lost in the post'. Totally inefficient and money wasting

  • jeremy clarke

    3 different HMO licences? Mandatory, additional and??? Either the council know more than the legislation or they know nothing about what they are doing! I presume they are referring to selective licensing which has nothing to do with HMOs?

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    Good landlords don't need licences.

    If you catch a bad landlord, bar them from renting, until then it's a level playing field, at least until you have tenant licensing too

    Robert Black

    I agree with you on that

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    Jeremy. Selective License was supposed to be only for upto 3 problem areas of the Borough but Mr Michael Gove comes a long and tells them it ok to make it Borough wide, he doesn’t need legislation he is above the Law and responsible for causing the homeless situation.
    G Master. There are good Private landlords who were forced to License and there are good landlords who are not licensed the only difference is the licensed landlord was made financially poorer.
    In the Main all landlords are very good and provide a much needed Service housing up to 11’000’000 people off their own back with their own private finance at no cost to the State or tax payers and pay Billions in income Tax, VAT,. Stamp Duty, Capital gains, employ many trades driving the economy forward and at the end of the day hammered again with Inheritance tax.
    What’s the matter with you all have you got a death wish or something, do you want millions more homeless.
    OK who are the Rogue Landlords you keep on about, is it me, is it you or is it the man in the moon, a figment of your imagination, you know who they are then name them and
    tell us, otherwise they don’t exist so shut up, with your malicious damage causing havoc and homelessness based on hear say.
    Maybe better listen to Shelter saying huge more numbers will be evicted before Christmas but never said why, even if it were true of course it due to the Renter’s Reform Bill, Scrap it now. Shelter has some neck have Charity Status, house no one and got a £15’000’’000. Grant of public funds / tax payers money it a disgrace and Polly pulling all the strings to get rid of S.21 collapse the housing market making more homeless my goodness and she’s on £150k gets a CBE and I get despise for being a landlord for 45 years.

  • Robert Black

    That sums up that problem well and as s "good" landed who has had the same tenants for over 10 years I totally agree


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