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Labour Mayor and Generation Rent buddy up for anti-mould campaign

London Labour Mayor Sadiq Khan and the leader of activist group Generation Rent have teamed up for an anti-damp and mouldy homes campaign in the capital.

Khan’s Better Renting programme has announced that over 70 environmental health officers have been trained so far this year, taking the total of 300 operating via London’s borough councils. 

The Better Renting programme was launched in May 2020 aimed at ”upskilling” enforcement officers so that London councils can enforce safety standards.


Khan - in a statement which also quotes Generation Rent chief executive Ben Twomey - also wants the government to increase Rent Repayment Orders  from 12 months to two years’ worth of rent as a deterrent. 

New analysis reveals that in the case of a tenant paying the average London asking rent of £2,627 a month, Khan’s proposals could mean a pay-out of up to £63,000 for the worst offenders.

The Mayor says that while sub-standard housing is a nationwide issue, it remains the case that private renters in London are disproportionately likely to be defined as ‘vulnerable’. He claims that nearly a fifth of privately rented homes in London fail to meet the national Decent Homes Standard, with over 178,000 private rented properties in the capital classified as ‘non-decent’.

Khan says: “The provision of adequate housing is critical to building a better London for everyone and every single Londoner should have the right to a safe and secure home.

“That’s why I am funding the training of specialist officers to ensure homes meet a decent standard and why I am determined to see much tougher penalties for rogue landlords who rent out private properties in poor and dangerous conditions.  

“This action can only come from the Government, but the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement proved a missed opportunity to clamp down on sub-par housing, and invest in the delivery of more high-quality, affordable homes.

“Nevertheless, I will continue to do all I can support London’s 2.7m renters by calling on the Government to finally end no-fault evictions, give me the powers to freeze private rents and, deliver the £4.9bn a year required to build the affordable homes Londoners desperately need.”

And alongside the Mayor, Generation Rent’s chief executive says: “Damp and mould are one of the most common dangers in our homes, and can cause devastating health problems. There are a variety of causes, including defective roofing, poor insulation and faulty plumbing, but too often tenants who complain find themselves ignored by landlords, or even blamed for the damp and mould.

“Environmental health officers play a vital role in identifying the causes of a home’s damp problem and instructing the landlord to put it right. It’s very welcome to see London’s councils upskill more officers through this important mayoral initiative, which is a crucial step towards healthier private rented homes.”

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    Maybe train tenants to use their heating, open the windows every now and again, and don’t hang your entire months washing all over your house or flat 🤔🕺🏻


    You cannot train tenants, that is why most properties that suffer from mould are the tenanted ones. The same property with an owner occupier rarely has a problem.

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    The mind boggles at what this training may consist of!


    It was called APC in housing and was offered online by Middlesex university. The fully funded cost for the 16 people who did it in 2021 would be around £4.6k each. It was 50% funded in 2022 and Sadiq said more than 70 more people completed it. So 70 x £2.3k The CIEH have vested interest as they’ll be hoping people completing the course will buy their membership every year thereafter so they can have a “digital credential” saying they are a qualified “Housing and Health Practitioner”. It’s all about being “qualified” these days with actual experience taking second place. Your mind can boggle even more now

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    Very good the Mayor is going to team up the people who cause mould obviously he’ll have to fine many landlords to pay for those guys to do a non job. How much training did it take to train 70 more people at what cost, did they not know what it looks like or are they qualified stupid.
    Will he be inspecting home owners Residence or course not they don’t have the problem I wonder why.


    I had Nigerians who had 'quite bad' mould in my property. They didn't report it. When asked they said they didn't know what it was. She was 30 years old, 'the husband' who was actually 'the brother' (they lied alot) was maybe 25. But they knew how to go to the council, how to google the word compensation. No problem there. I wonder it compensation will be on top of rent repayment orders???

  • jeremy clarke

    As long as they start with social housing inspections, that'll keep them busy for a while.

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    Has anyone noticed all the advice on how to dry your washing without using a tumble drier has changed this year?
    Last year it was all about heated drying racks. No mention of the condensation and mould problems they would cause.
    This year it's recommending dehumidifiers and fans. Preferably after a second spin cycle in the washing machine. Lots of articles about pan lids and opening windows for a few minutes.

    It's certainly a lot better than the appalling advice last year.
    Maybe next year they'll be recommending heat pump tumble dryers?

  • icon

    ......and in a parallel world, the Mr Common Sense organisation starts an ...." OPEN YOUR FECKIN WINDOWS!" campaign..

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    Sadiq Khan and Ben Twomey are both causing rents to rocket by driving out landlords through their constant attacks on them.

  • icon

    Khan rants with Generation Rant, neither being use nor ornament.

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    I had tenants with mould. No problems with previous Romanians who kept the house nice for them and their two little boys. But the next tenants were not of the same persuasion. They were lazy. Too lazy to open the windows. Hung up washing inside. Once in Sept when mine was out, and the cloudier day turned nice and sunny later. When I did a visit with a F damp surveyor of all times to investigate problems. He explained to her to dry the washing outside and open the windows. You could see it going in one ear and out of the other. The environmental health officer found closed windows and wet bathroom floors with wet towel left there. Once I did the work she did not want to go back and inspect as she knew the tenant was a load of trouble and kept looking for more and more things.

    These new people as said above had a non-job. But this F Khan again with public money just throwing it up the wall. Being woke. Is it any wonder councils are going bankrupt. They don't spend wisely. Just waste it.

  • icon

    I wonder if the training will include how to tell tenants politely that their failure to adequately heat the home, failure to ventilate it and drying washing indoors will make the problem worse. It’s becoming a taboo subject now, there’s guidance to say that of course the tenants have to dry the washing somewhere so it’s acceptable to dry it inside and the tenant shouldn’t be “blamed”. So advice and eduction are now effectively “blame”.If EHOs are too intimidated to mention the causes of moisture in the air and how to reduce it then the problem will only get worse not better.

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    Mr Gove is now going to make it Law following the death of a Child that’s nothing to do with us, that any mould the Tenants cause is the Landlords fault.


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