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Landlord Alert - lobby your MP to limit damage from Renters Reform Bill

The National Residential Landlords Association has created two template email letters for landlords to use to urge MPs to minimise damage caused by the Renters Reform Bill.

The Bill will reach its ‘report stage’ in the House of Commons in the New Year – the final chance for MPs to amend the Bill before it is passed to the House of Lords. 

The NRLA describes the report stage as “one final, pivotal chance for MPs to shape its content.” 


Having been examined and amended by the recent committee stage, the legislation now makes its way back to the floor of the full House, where MPs can propose further changes. Unlike at committee stage, report stage allows all MPs to express their views and consider the Bill as a whole.  

The association says: “We have been engaging tirelessly with ministers, officials, parliamentarians, and industry stakeholders to secure the modifications we need. Many of you have also highlighted your concerns with your MPs, for which we are extremely thankful. But we need your help to urge MPs to seize their final opportunity to shape the Bill before it heads to the Lords.”

The two editable letter templates outline the key measures still needed in the legislation and the NRLA encourages landlords to use them to outline the issues to MPs. 

While a date for report stage has not yet been set, it is likely to be early in the New Year. And the association says: “This is your MP’s final chance to propose an amendment and we need as many MPs as possible to support our recommendations. So, if you need five quiet minutes away from the frivolities of the next couple of weeks (or even if you don’t), please do contact your MP and give our campaign to safeguard the private rented sector a final boost.”  

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    Might be a good idea to write to our MPs about the need to retain fixed term tenancies for certain categories of people.

    At the moment the legislation only allows notice to be served if students are in HMOs. Therefore it doesn't cover the situation where two students are sharing. Also what about visiting academics, professionals etc who want fixed term tenancies?

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    My MP is Conservative 😂 in a ‘ Red Wall Seat ‘ 🤔🤔 he won’t be in post very long, so I am not waisting my effort on an email, Labour will be back in within next year.

    Simon Scholes

    Act now while they still have some influence!!! Once labour get in the game is up!

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    A bit late, as usual.

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    Typical of the NRLA, to pick on a matter of little damage or effect on professional landlords and is in my view, a good thing in that it gives tenants the psychological feeling of security . There is no real security for tenants as there are plenty of grounds.a landlord can evict a tenant and the Bill proposes even more grounds to be able to evict a tenant.

    No professional landlord evicts a tenant for no reason. Eviction is for reason, usually nonpayment of rent. All that will happen is the level of rent dodging in the country will be exposed and it is enormous. Then we have the unintended consequences, which only a few landlords have so far spotted, the rent dodgers will be considered unintentionally homeless, so will fight harder not to be evicted. Evictions will result in spurious defences and delays involving landlords in more legal costs and lost rent while evicting the tenant, who never ever pay rent while being evicted.

    Why doesn’t the NRA pick on something that harms landlords like section 24, loss of administration fees and wear and tear allowance, the pointless housing standards particularly for HMO’s , rent repayment orders, civil penalties, EPCs, one sided enforcement, licensing which is all pointless, Article 4 etc. Then their big bad problem of the stranglehold of Planning and the green belt limiting the supply of Housing. Get rid of planners and the greenbelt and society would be far better off, but unfortunately it would probably destroy my business as an HMO landlord. I exist mainly due to the cost and shortage of housing.
    Jim Haliburton


    I disagree. S21 should stay. People fall out with each other. Friends, family, colleagues etc. Husbands and wives can get a divorce. So can a landlord not part with a tenant???

    It take a lot of money to buy a property and sell it. So why should a landlord take on their 1st tenant who turns out to be a right rotter. And you are stuck with them? It's MY PROPERTY. You be charitable with your own if you wish, but not with mine.

    You mention spurious claims. This is my fear with tenants being able to lie and cheat all the more, supported by the tenant biased ombudsman, seeking compensation to reduce rent, costing landlords more to fight evictions. Not sure the evictions will be as successful going forward either.

    I understand the tenants security issue you opened with. But it's not my problem. I don't provide social housing. It's my security I worry about. The RRB takes it all but away in my opinion.


    Well said Nick! You speak for us!


    Thanks Ellie. I think we would all do better on here, get some people from Propertytribes and Property 118 and organise ourselves using Microsoft Teams etc and start our own property organisation that would actually say what we think, having offically X thousand members. All free to join. Get some online surveys for official landlord members to vote electronically and stick our opinions to the government. At present we are being totally ignored. There's no reliable data as far as I'm aware showing landlords are selling. Beadle admitted than at the RRB consultations. I go on Twitter telling Matthew Penycrook, Captain Darling, the Tories etc directly I am selling due to them. But we need to club together and tell them not just NO, but NO F WAY EVER!


    Jim - I fully agree. A good landlord will never evict a good tenant for no reason. It could be that the reason is the end of the fixed term contract has been reached and that is a subject where maybe greater clarification is needed at the outset. Currently tenancy agreements tend to be worded that the assumption is the initial fixed term will roll onto a SPT. Maybe something as simple as 2 selectable options in the original tenancy agreement would satisfy all parties. Either at the end of the fixed term the tenancy will automatically become a SPT or 2 months before the end of the fixed term the tenant must request a further fixed term (which may be granted or declined) or confirm their intention to move out.
    Section 21 is hugely beneficial to tenants as it enables them to walk away clean even if the real reason for the eviction was rent arrears or ASB. They are then entitled to help from the Council. Section 8 will exclude them from that help.

    Section 24, Article 4 Directives, licensing and all the other costly restrictions are causing real supply side problems. The one I would especially like to see amended is occupancy rules. Bedroom entitlement is causing major problems for low income families. It doesn't apply to homeowners so why should it apply to tenants?

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    The NRLA have been far too inactive and rolling over on S21. They are acting too late. To an extent you could say letting things get out of hand. The snowball is now too big and going too fast to stop. Maybe it can be pushed of course a bit. I would suggest into Michael Gove as 1st choice.

  • Richard LeFrak

    Why is Beadles About all of a sudden become active? This weary chump has said little to nothing for the last few years and all of a sudden gotten noisey...

    There is something in it for the NRLA to limit the RRB, I am willing to put money on Beadle ending up working in the new Ombudsman or as an advisor.


    Can't Beadle get ousted? Jeremy was axed from You've Been Framed and the show still went on.

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    Just clicked on link in article to letter and it says “ The write to your MP tool is available once you have registered on the NRLA site. This tool helps you find your MP and advises you on what you should put in a letter to your MP.”

    . Would I be right in assuming you have to join NRLA to use this. If yes then it is the usual self serving crap! Also pretty arrogant to assume Landlords do not have enough of a grasp on issue to write their own letter. I have been providing George Freeman with evidence based letters for a few years now and will approach him again on the matter. I do not need the NRLA to tell me how and no doubt their template will avoid mentioning S21!


    I think it is all about controlling us and what we say.


    You can register as a guest to get the template, but I agree, even that should not be there.

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    Annoyed Landlord - is it possible that if you register as a guest they can then turn round to the Govt and claim that you are a member thus "boosting their membership numbers" - I am cynical that the NRLA only ever act in the interests of the NRLA


    I cannot answer that since I am a mere member for 2024 and if they don't buck up, I won't be a member in 2025.

    Anything is possible, especially when you remember that there are lies, damned lies and statistics.


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