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Rogue landlord tried to let out “uninhabitable outbuilding”

A council has prosecuted a private landlord who let out an uninhabitable outbuilding in Kings Langley.

Deborah King of Kings Langley was initially fined £4,000 for failing to comply with a Prohibition Order after she failed to attend court in March this year.

King requested a reopening of the case, which the courts approved. The first two hearings were adjourned at the landlord’s request. 


At the third hearing, at St Albans Magistrates' Court, a further request for adjournment was submitted, but this was turned down. 

The defendant failed to attend and was found guilty in her absence and ordered to pay a fine of £6,000, costs of £1,784 and a victim surcharge of £184. The total costs came to £7,968.

The local council was first notified of the outbuilding after a complaint about an illegal eviction in 2021. 

After further investigations and a visit to the property, officers found the building, which had been converted into a self-contained unit and was being rented out. The building did not have planning permission or meet building regulation standards for residential use.

The unit had no fixed heating and inadequate insulation, a lack of ventilation and a number of other hazards meaning it was unsuitable for living in. 

A Prohibition Order was made on 10 May 2022 banning  the use of the outbuilding for residential use.

A site visit carried out under warrant in July 2022 found that the unit was still in occupation and communications with the landlord demonstrated that there would be no compliance in regard to the order. 

A council spokesperson says: “This prosecution sends a message to all those landlords who keep ignoring the regulations and trying to get away with renting out poorly managed properties. These enforcement actions will carry on helping our private tenants and install positive behavioural change in landlords."

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    She should have attended Court certainly no use acting the gom.
    The only clear message that I can see is anyone thinking of becoming a Landlord is to keep well clear.


    If they do what there supposed to do and not think there above the law but as I know well there are those who think they are.


    SBR, how thick are you? The word is they’re, not there.


    Annoyed Landlord there's no need to be rude to Sandra. Be kind - you'll be happier and so will others.


    @ annie - SBR has been corrected on numerous occasions by many on here. You do not post that often so thanks for your advice which I shall ignore since you have no idea how kind I can be, nor how happier I am.

    Happy Christmas.


    @ annie I treat others as they treat me , be rude to me and I'll be rude back seems fair enough to me

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    I'm glad and it serves her right.


    Ever thought the reason your landlords are, allegedly, bad is because it serves you right?

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    How stupid do you have to be to annoy a Court by asking to adjourn the hearing not once, not twice, but three times and then not even turn up?

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    I actually feel sorry for the group calling itself Sandra B Rennox in a lot of cases this is just a pseudonym for one of these gangs not a single person
    We are coming up to Christmas and all these people have in their hearts is bigotry prejudice and hate
    That is so sad you have to pity them


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