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Another council to introduce £1,000 city-wide HMO licensing.

Worcester council’s communities committee meets this week, with councillors asked to approve the change which will mean that HMO properties with fewer than five occupants will need to be licensed, as will converted buildings, in all wards of the city.

Worcester council has also been operating an additional licensing scheme in the city since September 2015. In 2020 this was amended to cover just four wards but city councillors are being asked to back a move to extend the additional licensing across the whole of the city.

The move comes after a motion was presented at council in November. Following this a consultation exercise was carried out asking local residents, landlords and agencies for their views on the idea.

Of those who responded to the consultation, 80 per cent backed the implementation of the new additional licensing.

Fees have been set at between £953 and £1,100.

Councillor Jabba Riaz, chair of the communities committee, says: "The wellbeing of our residents is of the utmost importance to us. Since the implementation of the city's existing HMO scheme we have seen an improvement in the condition of homes in multiple occupation and we believe that all wards in the city will benefit from our additional licensing scheme." 

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    Wow, thank goodness for licensing schemes. I mean, they lead to increased rents, reduced supply and no noticeable change in standards of accommodation, but where would we be without them.

    Do you remember the terrible times renters had before licensing schemes and excessive taxes for landlords? There were so many landlords and properties, it was a nightmare trying to pick which of the dozens of available properties to put on the viewing shortlist. All those landlords, desperately putting in new kitchens and bathrooms, trying to incentivise us with lower prices just to get the property filled. Yes we did have to pay fees which was a pain, and the only payback for that was cheaper rents and more choice - I mean, who needs that?

    And no doubt, given the progress and improvements all these government/council schemes and punitive taxes have brought about in the last 5 years, renters have a lot to look forward to because they’re only just getting started.

    Well done councils up and down the country for doing your bit (for a hefty fee) - makes me feel warm inside.


    More licence schemes - fewer properties available - higher rents.

    Why do these leftie councils do so much to help make private landlords richer? It's not as if we vote for them!

    Come to think of it. Why does the Tory Government claim to want to help tenants more? - It's not as if they vote for it!


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