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Massive six-figure fine over “squalid and dirty” home

West London landlord Shashibhushan Vyas, from Isleworth, has been fined over £115,500 for illegally converting a side extension into a separate unit at his property.

Investigations led by Hounslow council’s planning enforcement service found that Vyas had let out the separate unit for six years. 

The tenant was found to be living in squalid and dirty conditions with a toilet located less than one metre from the kitchen. 


Vyas previously converted his extension in 2007 before a neighbour flagged that the extension was being used as a rental home.

Hounslow councillor Tom Bruce says: “Many of the residents who live in these appalling conditions are vulnerable and do not have the resources to challenge their landlords. I am proud of the work the Council’s Planning Enforcement team has done in this case; enforcing this breach of planning regulations and addressing the substandard conditions that the tenant was having to suffer.

“Every resident in this borough has a right to live in comfortable and safe homes and it is important that landlords and others know that we are fully prepared to pursue those who do not follow planning rules.”

The council claims that o=ver the past four years, enforcement action has led to the improvement of 3,900 homes in the borough, which has supported the lives of 12,000 local residents. 

In the last year, the planning enforcement team has ended the use of 25 unauthorised residential units and secured 68 demolitions of unauthorised extensions and structures.

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    Well yes fair enough but where is that '' vulnerable'' tenant now, in a shop door way ??

    FedUp Landlordy

    Also fab that neighbours are doing councils job, lol.

  • icon

    I also think that squalid and dirty is the wrong way to describe it if attributing to the landlord, because dirty is down to the occupant. Not fit for habitation would be a better (and fairer) way to describe the landlord not doing their job. I hope we aren't going to be held responsible for our tenants lack of cleaning skills.

    FedUp Landlordy

    Exactly what I thought, realistically 6/7 year is not old for an extension, therefore, something or someone created squalid/dirty conditions.
    Knowing this is separate to, say, if building regs were met or not (prob not as seemingly illegal?).

    Similar to damp/condensation: always landlords to blame, not lazy tenants with bad habits.

  • PossessionFriendUK PossessionFriend

    ... Shashibhushan Vyas, ... from Isleworth, Lol


    We can't ask where he's "really" from!


    Don't even go there Robert, we'll have that school teacher woman spouting off again


    School teacher discipline?

    Fond memories!

  • icon

    Yet another odd name being fined.


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