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Rental Reform laws to be launched in two months time

Housing Secretary Michael Gove has pledged that the long awaited Rental Reform Bill will be introduced into the Commons in two months time.

He told Laura Keunnsberg yesterday: “We’re being forward reforms a little later this year - in a couple of months time actually - to see how the private rental sector can be better regulated.

“We’re not talking about rent controls or rent caps but we are talking about protections for tenants.”


Then Gove moved on to the vexed subject of Section 21 powers for landlords being scrapped.

He told Keunnsberg: “At the moment there’s a situation where tenants can be evicted without any fault on their part and some - a tiny minority - of unscrupulous landlords are using the threat of eviction to jack up rents and to victimise tenants.

“So it’s important to recognise … that a healthy private rental sector is absolutely vital to knowing we have the right people with the right homes at the right time.

“So we need to always protect tenants from unscrupulous landlords even as we also give landlords the right to get rid of anti-social tenants.”

Last year set out a series of proposals for the private rental sector in a White Paper called A Fairer Private Rented Sector, including ending the use of rent review clauses and helping tenants challenge so-called ‘excessive rent’ hikes through the First Tier Tribunal.

The proposals also include a Decent Homes Standard for privately rented homes and introducing a mandatory Ombudsman scheme which all landlords must join.

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  • George Dawes

    I’d prefer regulation of politicians, stringent

  • icon

    Will there be anything in there about protecting landlords from anything?

  • icon

    This little snake 🐍 will do his best to get it over the line 😱🆘

  • icon

    Once a communist…….

  • icon

    Mr Michael Gove come off it you know perfectly well Section 21 is a last resort and takes best part of a year and not used to Jack up rents. So don’t go on National Television and tell faced lies like yesterday.
    The truth is it’s your Policy and the threat of Removal S.21 that caused over 200’000 landlords to quit and thousands more to switch to AirBnB, that have added to the shortage driving Rents through the roof.
    The homelessness and high Rents are on your head.

  • David Saunders

    The gormless git has done more to reduce rental stock in London than the Luftwaffe managed in the Blitz.

  • icon

    Rogue unscrupulous housing Secretary.
    Just add Sadiq khan a right pair how could we go wrong.

  • icon

    They are creating so much upheaval. Most landlords will not be prepared to lose control of their properties.


    Families will suffer as Landlords choose groups of students or young professionals who won't want to stay long term.

    With a joint tenancy the tenancy agreement is terminated and a new tenancy agreement started whenever any tenant leaves and a new joint tenant takes his/her/its place. ( Hope that's pc enough to include everyone and everything nowadays?)

    Angst Landlordy

    And once landlord's have exited the sector - they will never come back, yippee for an easier investment 👍

    F○○k🖕Gov the 2 faced back stabbing weasle, horrible person.

    I wonder when, or if ever, that turning point will come?

    Similar to what happened in Ireland recently, with the realisation that policies have well and truly back fired, what was it again, 5+ million tenants to only 750 properties - well done, certainly deserves a hard earned pat/smack on the back.

    More so in excepting your policies have been uter cr@p in destroying a working sector that has carried governments for decades and what is now well and truly in crises!

    Yet, they'll never admit it and keep blaming the landlords.

  • icon

    The fire shortage of good quality rental properties is down to government legislation, pure and simple as that. Proposed EPC changes are going to state rental properties must be at C standard yet privately owned homes can be any rating they wish. Section 21 is generally used to get rid of tenants who are behind with rents or causing a problem or because LL wants to sell property. Scrapping it will mean more LL leaving the sector. Where will Gove house the families that are casualties to his new bill?


    Gove has no more thought about tenant casualties than we do when we stand on an Ant 🐜 whilst walking down the pavement.

  • jeremy clarke

    I can only presume that gove has an arrangement with polly bleat for her to use the £millions that shelter have stashed away to house all of the tenants that the prs will be putting out?

  • icon

    Help! What could the timescale for section 21 be???? I'm selling all properties so should I issue the section 21s ASAP????


    Not sure how many you have. Not sure you want too many at once. I’ve done one S21 for some dreadful tenants in Nov. Got my possession notice 4 weeks ago. Bailiffs awaited maybe another 2 months.

    Difficult to say. Depends where you are. I think it’s getting a lot harder for decent people to find somewhere so the need for bailiffs are becoming more common.


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