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Rubbish fine for landlord dumping renovation waste

A landlord has been prosecuted after construction and renovation waste from his rental property was found dumped in Cottenham.

The dumped rubbish consisted of timber, mattresses, carpets, tiles, and other household waste, and was removed from a property in Huntingdon as part of renovation works before renting the home out again.

Evidence from the waste pile was investigated and checks with Huntingdonshire council revealed the owner was a landlord living in Hunstanton, Norfolk, who said a friend had been looking after the property - but he was unable to provide any contract of employment, or other documented proof of liability for this person.


The landlord admitted work had been carried out on the property and identified several items that were found in the waste as being from his address.  He further admitted that he hadn’t made the necessary checks on the contractors regarding the waste disposal.

He pleaded guilty to failing in his duty of care and was fined £400 with £1,000 costs - plus a criminal record.

All businesses have a duty of care to ensure that any “contractor” removing waste from a property is checked against the Environment Agency registers for authorised waste carriers, and that prior to waste being removed, a Waste Transfer Note is completed. 

Failure to secure such paperwork or allowing waste to be taken away by unlicensed carriers can result in severe financial penalties.

A council spokesperson says: Fly-tipping is a blight on the local environment, a danger to public health and a hazard to wildlife. It also undermines legitimate waste businesses.”

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  • George Dawes

    So many legal alternatives no excuse

  • icon

    This kind of thing doesn't do the rest of us any favours, there are many ways to dispose of rubbish without fly tipping

  • icon

    He should have claimed someone nicked his rubbish before he could legally dispose of it.

    Reasonable doubt?


    That doesn't work though, his rubbish his responsibility

    George Dawes

    Yes they left the tv and iPhone but stole a beaten up old sofa and an old carpet

  • icon

    Fine not high enough.

  • icon

    London is well fly tipped despite camera everywhere.
    The main cause is Councils like Brent who discourages people from using the dump / recycle Depot as much as possible.
    The kind of stuff mentioned in the Article like mattresses and carpets etc domestic used to be covered from your C/tax.
    For letting landlords now have to pay for almost everything even though they pay huge amounts of c/tax and far more than many house holders + penalties + in many instances C/tax on rooms. Huge hikes on C/tax more coming and several hundreds of our C/tax per household given to Mr Khan the ULEZ Highway man (robb..r) £12.50 pd each to move your car or £100. pd for your van or £180. Penalty if you don’t pay double quick.
    Anyway this is a different type of Rubbish and yes where was I, oh ya Bent Recycle Centre is Closed 2 day every week to the Public Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s that’s very helpful isn’t it not.

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    Good! Fine them more. Fly tippers cost us hundreds of pounds a year at a development of flats I help to manage.

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    When my son first left school he worked as a game keeper, fly tipped rubbish in field gat ways was an almost daily occurrence, the estate was not too far from Thetford (60s London overspill town)

  • jeremy clarke

    Good that he was fined, it's a simple process to employ a tradesman with the waste disposal licence, he probably saved a few quid by using a dodgy tradesman and got caught out, better to pay the correct trades the going rate at the outset!


    I have a trade waste licence, for the sake of £39, tax deductible, worth having, back covered.

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    I regularly had waste dumped on my land when I was in Cornwall. To add insult to injury it was then MY responsibility to get rid of it!


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