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Labour video slams ‘rogue landlords and letting agents’

Labour’s shadow housing spokesperson is promoting a video claiming that ‘everyone’ in the private rental sector suffers from ‘rogue landlords and letting agents.’

Lisa Nandy - Labour’s spokesperson on Levelling Up, Housing and the Communities, shadowing Michael Gove - has tweeted a video of her meeting with what appears to be a group of private tenants. 

One tenant says: “My experience of renting hasn’t been good. Like everyone else, I’ve experienced the same things of rogue landlords and rogue agents … most private renters in London are now paying rent that would cover a mortgage.”


Another apparent renter complains: “I can’t get in touch with my landlord, they never want to do anything that might involve a little bit of money on their side.”

Much of the video is promoting Labour’s latest housing idea, for a low cost mortgage scheme designed to allow first time buyers to have priority purchasing rights in some circumstances. 

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer has already, separately, pledged to introduce a scheme fo that “no more buy-to-let landlords or second homeowners getting in first”.

In her video Nandy says: “That’s why a Labour government will tilt the balance of power towards tenants with new rights and protections for renters.”

Since an announcement in January that Labour was to hold a major review of the private rental sector with the aim of carving out policies for a future government, nothing has been heard of the exercise. 

You can see the video in Nandy's Twitter stream here.

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  • George Dawes

    Lisa Numpty makes Diane Abbott look like Einstein

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    We are ALL in trouble WHEN Labour get in 😱🆘


    Simon - I couldn’t agree more! These tories Aren’t being too helpful at the moment - with Gove-BUT WHEN LABOUR get in those blummin idiots will crucify us PLL- so much! It’ll feel like we the LL are paying the tenants to stay in our houses.

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    Great News for Tenants where’s the problem buy your own you’ll have 25 years to repent.

    Sure don’t forget changing your partner down the line when locked-in can be very expensive.

    Landlords abused and held to ransom, many can’t wait to get out. Oh Sorry Rogue Landlord I didn’t mean it. please come back.

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    • A G
    • 25 April 2023 07:02 AM

    Another reason NOT to vote Labour. Demonising landlords is not the answer. It would be easier to demonise tenants who don’t look after the places they rent.

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    Do people not realise how much worse off and more vulnerable homeowners are?
    A homeowner with children gets significantly less take home income than a tenant in similar circumstances due to the housing element of UC and the benefit taper. Roughly a homeowner with a couple of children will lose all entitlement to UC at about £33K while a tenant will still receive some benefit with an income of over £50K.
    If a tenant loses their job UC kicks in after 5 weeks. A homeowner gets no help with housing costs for several months and then it's a loan not a gift.
    Mortgage rates can increase far more than rents. How many people are seeing mortgage payments suddenly double when their last fix ended? Rents may have increased but by nowhere near as much and there are Discretionary Housing Payments available to tenants that homeowners don't have an equivalent to.

    Obviously it saves the government a fortune if they can convince people buying is the better option but at the same time it condemns a lot of children to growing up in poverty.


    You are quite right people don't think this through. Same people who compare a mortgage with rent, forgetting that rent includes all maintenance costs and buildings insurance. Yes if you have a repayment mortgage you are paying off a bit of the capital each months and in 25 years you will have an asset you own. But you've also paid thousands in interest, and if you split with partner any time you still probably won't have enough to each buy a property.


    It’s now not tens of thousands of debt it’s hundreds of thousands for many first time buyers. The last Labour government started the use your house as a cash machine era . That’s what’s made housing so unaffordable.


    Exactly!! Is there anyone that holds people back from buying a home?
    The picture of “Landlords” - from the historic days, where they were like mafia and killing and beating up people to grab lands - Can the tenants of the UK REALLLY not see how the politicians are only interested in ONE thing, one thing only! To count how many votes each sector amounts to - (tenants obviously more numbers than landlords), and target them, make them sound as the victims, promise to turn their lives upside down magically - OH THE CYCLE REPEATS!! And they believe people forget - amazing but true, and the cycle repeats. They know it!!!
    I truly wish more tenants buy their own, and become one of US!!!!!!!!
    Politicians have been successful in making people believe that landlords are ALWAYS rogue! And why would tenants not question to themselves why politicians are sooooooo interested in the landlord/tenant game, as soon as it is time for an election?
    Few pointers to any tenant wanting the glory of becoming a landlord (not that all of us here not know this:)
    - you pay a price for the property plus stamp duty plus initial set up fees plus solicitors plu interest plus plus…….yeh! You become the proud owner!
    - you start paying monthly instalments - yes, that is probably more than the rent you pay, but what the heck, you will own it one day!
    - NOW the fun starts! Maintenance!!! Because… it’s your own, you need to spend on it. Oh, you think, how much worse can that be, a twiddle here, a twiddle there…
    - your son/daughter may neve open a window or a blind in their rooms and mould starts creeping in.. you clean! You clean again!! Then you start to shout!! BUT… it’s not your fault as the home owner, because you now know there is a reason for it!!! But you can’t do anything about it either … What the heck?? When you were a tenant, you could - blame the landlord, complain to the authorities, make them spend a fortune to try to sort something that cannot be without some simple action from the people living there, and it wasn’t your problem then!!! BUT NOW, you are a home owner - yeah!!!!! GLOrY DAYS - buy you keep going - because you are deep into this hole with a mortgage and ownership!!
    -You realise, along with the mortgage payment, maintenance expenses etc, costs you benefit payments as clearly explained here - WHAAAAAAT?? Yeah!! You ARE A HOMEOWNER though, so does it matter??
    -So, maybe, maybe, you didn’t realise, think through - but, still, it will be an asset some day - maybe you will get a rent out of it if you buy another one, and save up, and when you retire, it will be your income - so you grit your teeth, and buy one, follow steps above..
    -now, you have all that work and expenses to get the property ready to let, licence, mortgage/interest, taxes, safety certs, agent fees etc etc etc, ya, you calculated it all, and you still thought you will get to atleast pay mortgage which will be yours one day!!
    - interest rates increase, you get good and bad tenants, and the tilt in life is making you lose your sleep, you try your hardest to keep them happy, but it never is enough with some, financially and emotionally, you realise this started a long time ago .. just the one thought you wanted to be a HOME OWNER and LANDLORD for all good intentions and purposes, and one of them is NOT SCREWING up your tenants’ lives, but to earn a decent living or retirement!!
    - This is why we became landlords! And trust me, every politician in this country plays games with this private rental sector for their own gain - they don’t care about the people or the consequences

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    What on earth is NRLA doing on this? Are they engaging with Labour? I think we should be told.

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    Jo. That’s excellent you tell it how it is the reality not rubbish

    Also it’s Government and Councils that wants rid of Section 21, not because of anything the landlords done or abused it but they don’t want people turning up with a Court eviction Order demanding to be housed.

    Interest rates seem to have increased 11 times in 18 months, someone will put me right, so I am surprised if they are saying its now more affordable to buy than rent and not before when interest rates were a fraction.


    The ONLY people who will benefit from the abolition of Section 21 are the Local Authority housing departments. There will no longer be a duty to ensure anyone has a roof over their heads.
    People will still get evicted for numerous legitimate reasons but the LAs will have no obligation to offer any kind of assistance.
    The unforeseen consequence of the proposal to abolish Section 21 is that it has prompted far more landlords to sell and is yet another disincentive for new landlords to enter the industry.

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    There's plenty of tenants and ex tenants ready and waiting out there to claim they have been badly treated, there's an equal number of landlords that can tell tales of rogue tenants that haven't paid their rent, damaged property and committed ASB.

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    Every landlord in the PRS suffers from politicians!

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    As Jo said no longer will councils have a duty to house so what chances do you think of getting an eviction in any circumstance, the government has already planned this so no matter what lies they tell us as their is no longer a safety net they have arranged it so the tenants human rights trump any rights of landlords, they will pump out the usual rubbish "WE HAVE INTRODUCED NEW LAWS TO GIVE LANDLORDS EXTRA RIGHTS TO EVICT TENANTS IN RESPONSE TO REMOVING NO FAULT EVICTIONS
    but curiously forget to mention that the tenants right to a free home will always take precedence


    I wish we'd all call them No Fault STATED evictions!
    I've seen NRLA Ben Beadle use another word after No Fault, but not as memorable and not as clear in saying that no fault is stated, i.e. given as a reason.
    There is going to be some sort of fault/reason for evicting, unless a landlord is either crazy or very rich (so doesn't need the income).
    "No fault" implies landlords evict just for the hell of it, even when the caveat of "so called" is added to the phrase by some commentators.

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    Nandy says: “That’s why a Labour government will tilt the balance of power towards tenants.... Ha ha... As if that's not already the case! Tip it any more and landlords will fall right out of the equation.

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    Last night I went to a Landlords meeting in Central London by public transport.
    The tube trains were packed full solid as were the platforms not hardly standing room, the trains stopped and went a number of times before I could
    get on.
    So Mr Sadiq Khan come and see for yourself, where are you proposing to put all those extra people on Public Transport that you are creating by blocking off scores of Roads in London, dual carriageway bike lanes but not a bicycle to be seen.
    Just Add ULEZ to put thousands more on Public Transport, where is your master Plan ? or is it like the attack on Private Landlords which you are a part of wanting to cap the rents and oblivious to landlords costs, you clueless about the Business.
    The purpose of me going to the meeting last night was to get some CPD points even though I was Accredited 4 times with 2 different Organisations since 2012 but they keep expiring. I must learn how to be landlord.

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    Incidentally as I walked through the tunnels with hundreds of others between Oxford Circus and Warren St tube Stations for the Victoria line.
    A couple were stationery with suit cases and a dog obstructing half the tunnel and several calling out mind the poo, some walked in it, am I really going to be forced to have dogs them in my Residential Property

  • Yvette Graham

    I remember when people who could only get council housing had no choice where they were sent to live ….PRS allows choice, but also flexibility to move around if they need to for jobs/study etc - what the media and government are doing is going to backfire on them and also the activists that rampage against landlords also. It’s like the House of Commons- a bunch of kids behaving badly …..there are no adult conversations about their opinions

  • David Saunders

    Nandy promises to tilt the balance in favour of tenants but if with sooo many landlords emptying THEIR properties and selling up already continues even before the Renters Reform Bill is brought in, there will be no tenants left to tilt balance to as was the case pre Section 21 back in the 1970/80s.

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    When S21 is abolished, the rogue tenants will still have no homes in the long run. I hope the government will not shun of their responsibilities!!!! They will say what responsibilities. It is landlord's responsibility oops, liability. I shall keep my student properties.

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    In UK, we are loosing the democracy, freedom of choice, freedom of investing and calling your property as your own. We are moving into communism, dictatorship government, who do not understand their own duties and responsibilities towards their citizens.


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