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Landlords - will you pay to help overturn a rent freeze?

Landlords are being encouraged to contribute to a crowdfunding campaign to take legal action regarding rent caps and eviction bans.

It follows a decision by the Scottish Government to develop a rent freeze and ban on repossessions in the private rented sector - and according to the National Residential Landlords Association this was without a proper consultation with stakeholders.

Now a campaign, led by a coalition of private rental sector groups, wants a judicial review of the Scottish Government’s policies. 


The campaign group includes the Scottish Association of Landlords, the NRLA, Propertymark, and Scottish Land and Estates.

They are seeking to prevent the measures being extended beyond the legal cut-off date of September 20 this year.

NRLA chief executive Ben Beadle says: “Renters across Scotland are being hit by policies which undermine the supply of the very homes they need.  It is deeply worrying that such damaging and short-sighted policies can be developed without proper consultation with stakeholders.

“I urge all those wanting sensible policy that works for both renters and responsible landlords to support the campaign.”

And John Blackwood, chief executive of the Scottish Association of Landlords, adds: “Our job is to stand up for our members and to represent their views.“Over the years we have been able to do that in a constructive manner with the Scottish Government and, as a result, have secured changes which have improved the private rented sector in Scotland.

“However, arbitrary rent freezes and eviction bans discriminate against private landlords, reduce investment and harm both landlords and tenants, while making it harder to solve Scotland’s housing crisis.

“With pressure being placed on landlords by governments throughout the UK, now more than ever, landlords all over the country need to work together in ensuring our voice is heard.”

The NRLA says any landlord wishing to contribute can do so here.

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    I hope that this JR is successful and that the Scottish Government (communist) realise the error of their ways. This discrimination against landlords has to stop. Why did this government not put a cap on food, petrol, insurance etc? Will they stop taking people to court who steal food from supermarkets? I can see no difference in someone stealing a loaf of bread to that of tenants refusing to paying rent (helped by the SNP/Greens)

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    Totally agree John. But What do u expect . It’s the SNP in charge. Let’s hope though it stays in Scotland not come south.


    The UK Greens are planning similar loony policies.

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    RLA funded JRs from its modest reserves. With £4m of members’ money in the bank why does NRLA need crowdfunding?

    Angst Landlordy

    Exactly what we are thinking, with all their resources!!

    Yet, happily and want us to pay further, pfft.

    Aye, issues/examples just like this, as well as stark reality of how weak they actually are (and have been) - is exact reason why we left!

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    It’s a pity to leave NRLA. They have excellent services for landlords. They just need to remember who is paying them. There’s no other representation for landlords of such size and potential influence

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    Landlords - will you pay to help overturn a rent freeze?

    No. What we'll do is sell our resi stock and invest in commercial. Thanks for asking tho.

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    Richard Hodgson
    Quite right, it is LLs interest to sell off resi stock and so further reduce membership fees for NRLA. So it is also in NRLA's interest to use our membership money to make contribution against rent freeze. Commercial is not as attractive as it seems, either.

  • George Dawes

    Just as well I kept my two shops , biggest mistake was turning the basement to residential

    Business rates again…

    Who’d be a landlord eh ?

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    Well although I am selling all long term residential lets and turning a very small number into serviced accommodation I have pledged my £200 to the legal challenge to the discrimination and human rights abuses of the government
    This is just the early stages of the blitzkrieg against landlords and their families I thing we all realise this is going to get a lot worse and the hate propaganda is set to become increasingly vicious

  • icon

    sorry typo should be '' think"

  • FedUp Landlordy

    After our previous tenant's left after 6 years, within 1st week we had rental assesments by several local big name estate agents - all stated market is very strong, rents and house prices rising, happy days we thought.

    5/6 months later: thousands spent as (builder) initially not realising how bad property was - & a little future proofing, so now ready for market - agent's came out again: rents significantly jumped - with crazy being often used, tenant numbers far out stripping properties, so falling over themselves to view anything and even when unsuitable :-(

    With our 2 bed exactly the same when on market - with tenants having been kept in loop by our chosen agent - so we were inundated on 1st day,

    Noticeably ALL agent's stating a significant drop of traditional rental properties on their books, as many Ll's deciding to sell instead, figures of 20+ to over 30% drop - they were worried, altho, they all did say they don't blame landlords for exiting, in fact a couple were surprised we were not selling.

    Coupled with having noticed quite a drop off of the usual boards across our area, so all claims of max exiting was obvious in our woods, yet, they'll know this via likes of land registry.

    This was 14 months ago, it's beyond crazy now.

    Tbh it was horrible at times turning away begging families, this, enough for us to decide in getting out after current tenants leave in 14 months or so.

    I suspect likes of BTR will only help mask/sqew, certain statistics for only so long.

    A crises born out of foolish politicians backed by militant group and created by inept pen pushers etc. an incompetent list that goes on...

    We'll certainly be laughing out loud when all this anti rhetoric and tax grabs bites them back hard, but as well as us landlords being hit, also actually feel for tenants!

    Thx to our tax advisor - we'd always planned for our properties to be handed to our kids, seemingly very good timings :-D

  • icon

    What a mean miserable lot we are, no heart, don’t expect them to cough up.
    Of Course its in our interest and those Policies are costing us thousands and should be knocked on the head straight away.
    However they are so short sighted and tight you’d need a can opener to open the wallet.
    I was at a landlord / public meeting with Brent Council some years back now regarding all this letting HMO Business, must have been thousands there. They were arriving in droves with their free Bus Passes, There was free food at half way stage but they didn’t wait for break time, the queue was 200 long before the break for free Chicken, it was more important to them to get something for nothing than the meeting.
    Good luck with getting money out of them so far 2’600 read the Article out of 2.9m landlords but only 142 donations to get to £12.6k (£60k required) averaging £88. each you miserable lot.
    Is it pocket money for kiddies to buy sweets or what, this is a serious Property Business.
    Hats off to Anthony, who is exiting the Market so it doesn’t matter to him really but yet he has Contributed £200.00, any pennies dropping yet time to step up.


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