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MP demands Airbnb clampdown be introduced immediately

A Liberal Democrat MP is calling on the government to bring forward a clampdown on Airbnb and other short lets. 

The government has indicated that the proposed measures - which will mean that homeowners who want to list properties on Airbnb or other short let platforms will have to sign up to a register and may have to secure planning consent before letting out - will be contained in the Renters Reform Bill, scheduled for later this year.

But Bath Lib Dem MP Wera Hobhouse is pushing for the changes related to Airbnbs to be fast tracked and brought forward separately to give councils this power urgently.


She says: “I have heard from countless constituents deeply frustrated by the noise and disruptions caused by these short-term lets. It is not right that residents have had to put up with this for so long and I welcome the government’s decision to finally take action on it.

“The pace at which these regulations will be brought in is concerning, however. They are long overdue and the lack of urgency the government is displaying needs to change.

“Constituents just trying to get on with their lives are having to put up with noise and other disturbances regularly. This should not be allowed to continue for a moment longer. Saying that we will introduce these changes but you will just have to wait is not good enough.

“The government needs to stop sitting on its hands, fast track the legislation and put a stop to this cycle of disruption that is impacting so many.”

The proposed planning changes would see a planning use class created for short term lets not used as a sole or main home, alongside new permitted development rights, which will mean planning permission is not needed in areas where local authorities choose not to use these planning controls.

Housing Secretary Michael Gove says: “In too many communities we have seen local people pushed out of cherished towns, cities and villages by huge numbers of short-term lets.

“I’m determined that we ensure that more people have access to local homes at affordable prices, and that we prioritise families desperate to rent or buy a home of their own close to where they work.

“I have listened to representations from MPs in tourist hot spots and am pleased to launch this consultation to introduce a requirement for planning permissions for short term lets.”

The new proposals come as the Department for Culture Media and Sport also launches a separate consultation on a new registration scheme for short lets.

The scheme aims to “build a picture of how many short-term lets there are and where they are located, to help understand the impact of short-term lets on communities.”

There has been broad support for a registration scheme across the short lets sector. 

Culture Secretary Lucy Frazer comments: “This new world of ultra-flexible short term lets gives tourists more choice than ever before, but it should not come at the expense of local people being able to own their own home and stay local.

“The government wants to help areas get the balance right, and today we have an incomplete picture of the size and spread of our short term lets market. This consultation on a national registration scheme will give us the data we need to assess the position and enable us to address the concerns communities face.”

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    Already here in Scotland.
    I don't disagree with the regulations in principle. I withdrew a planning application for change of use. The council make it rediculously complex and expensive. They have zero understanding of business and the benefit my let brings to the local economy. The planning element only applies to flats not houses. So for my houses it's licence only.

    I am probably going to sell everything anyway due to EPC on long term tenancies and the way councils are managing licensing on short term. Plus of course mortgage rates.

    Hopefully my young family customers can find homes. My rents are much lower than the market rates, so the council will have a load more to support.

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    Michael Gove is right too many people in their in there local Communities in Towns & Cities are being pushed out by him and his Unfairer Renting Policies with Removal of Section 21.
    The exit and switch he created by attacking the Private Rented Sector has caused the problem with Airbnb that he’s now making a song & dance about.
    As for the Liberal Democrat MP just jumping on the Band Waggon trying to get themselves noticed.

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    Airbnb has largely proliferated because of the punitive tax on standard BTL and the length of time it takes to evict rogue tenants. Eviction bans and rent holidays during the pandemic seriously dented landlord confidence and it will take a lot for most landlords to have any trust in being treated fairly.
    Why exactly is providing accommodation for 3 weeks treated as a business whereas providing long term accommodation is taxed as unearned investment income. Actually higher than other investments when the super enhanced CGT is taken into account. With all the extra regulations that are constantly added to standard BTL it is far from being a passive investment.
    If standard BTL was taxed in the same way as EVERY other business it's highly likely a great many of the more contentious Airbnbs would revert to traditional long term letting as long as there remains the ability to regain possession. The ones that have less than fantastic tourist locations and can't command premium rates or be too picky with their clientele. Whether long term tenants would be an improvement is of course questionable and without Section 21 getting rid of them may be protracted. Without the ability to regain possession either because it's a holiday let or because Section 21 or an acceptable alternative exists it's unlikely a sizeable percentage of landlords would remain in any form of letting. How is that in any way helpful for anyone?


    100% correct. I’ve converted quite a number of my properties. I make good money but there is no such thing as a free lunch, there is a lot more work but I can’t make any money on BTL because of section24. Get rid of section 24 and I’ll go back to BTL like a shot!

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    Bring it in this regulation of Airbnb’s. It’ll happen wether anyone likes it or not. Declare the monies and They’ll pay tax on it. Makes an even playing field.

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    Right now if I had a property in a tourist area I would evict any long term tenant, certainly whilst s21 was with us…. Then get it straight to short term let without the need for planning 🤔 Like asap. The noose is tightening… we have been warned 🆘

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    Wera Hobhouse. An MP who recently put forward proposals for a new law that could let workers sue their boss if they are harassed or offended by their customers. The world is going mad. I'll steer clear of anything she's near thanks.


    A Lib Dim, to be expected really


    Dominic Raab makes good points today.

    If a subordinate from the new snowflake generation does a woefully inadequate performance it's bullying to point this out.

    Ever since the schools were banned from corporal punishment there are no sanctions for screwing things up.

    In Scotland, "young people" are no longer jailed for raping 13 year old girls.

    We need MORE robust bosses like Dominic Raab and fewer snowflake civil servants - otherwise our country will slip even further down the G20 rankings.


    This is my concern Robert. All these limp wristed politicians are just turning this country into a disaster. Even paying the rent is becoming optional!

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    We've got all this going on in Scotland. I've just had my licence granted for a holiday let flat in Inverness town centre. Holiday letting is the way to go. Much more lucrative.£££ No legal wrangles trying to evict dodgy tenants. My property is looked after. Last year I made 4 x the rent I would have made on the PRS... What's not to like? 3 holiday lets would be the equivalent of 12 PRS properties.... And I can sell it whenever I like... 👍


    I so wished I lived in a holiday hotspot 👍🏻💰💰💵💵, I really would convert.

  • PossessionFriendUK PossessionFriend

    Politicians can't take responsibility for WHY this move away from residential letting ( whether, selling up or ABnB is taking place.
    Its because of the pejorative policies and Cold war against private providers of rental accommodation, specifically landlords in the Private sector, distinct from other sectors, for over a decade.

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    Shane. I am envious of you and the licensing admin process Computer exercise for HM0’s in PRS can take over a year from submitting the Application, it’s just as well they don’t actually have to do something .

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    Headline should be changed - ''Failed socialist loser in life determined to destroy freedom and impose his will on those more successful''


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