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Reform Bill must make independent inventories compulsory - call

A key figure in the inventory sector says the Renters’ Reform Bill - scheduled for publication this week - must make independent inventories compulsory in every tenancy agreement.

The chair of the Association of Independent Inventory Clerks, Daniel Evans, wants the compulsory use imposed on landlords and letting agents alike.

He says: “Inventory companies have the capability of being the only truly independent agencies operating throughout the lettings process.


“It is clear the Government wants to ‘professionalise’ the private rental sector and this is an obvious place to start. Ministers should take this opportunity to include a clause which makes independent inventory mandatory.

“Then, in the event of a dispute, the inventory will be valuable evidence to offer to the deposit protection scheme provider.

“But if this process is going to have credibility for the tenant as well as the landlord, that inventory must be curated by an independent agency.

“This increase in transparency is not just about tenants. Landlords, too, can benefit from utilising the services of a professional independent inventory clerk to improve the service for everyone.”

The Bill is expected to include the abolition of Section 21 evictions; the introduction of a Decent Homes Standard for the PRS; a Government-appointed Ombudsman; and Restrictions on landlords’ ability to put up rents more than once a year.


Evans’ call comes after new data suggests the number of landlords planning to sell rented properties has reached its highest rate on record.

Polling by research consultancy BVA-BDRC found that in Q1 2023, 33 per cent of private landlords in England and Wales said they planned to cut the number of properties they rent out. 

This is an all-time high recorded by BVA-BDRC and is up from the 20 per cent who said they planned to cut the number of properties they let in Q1 2022.   

This comes despite demand being at a record high with landlords blaming taxation policy, high interest rates and legislation for their withdrawal from the market. It is estimated that 65,000 properties were offloaded by landlords in the first quarter of 2023.

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    Well they would say that wouldn't they...

  • Fed Up Landlord

    A blatant opportunist attempt to feather their own nests.

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    A tenant has every opportunity to challenge the inventory at the beginning of their tenancy to ensure it is accurate. That many don't gives an indication of how seriously they take their rights & responsibilities!

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    I take detail pictures at start of tenancy. Get the tenant to sign every picture. They have a copy and I keep a copy of all pictures. So they can see No arguments. So far it’s holding as one might say.

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    Much easier and better to take a video with the tenants in the video walking round

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    Why would I need an independent Inventory Clerk when my Deposits were talking away by Shelter on a pack of lies in 2007.

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    EPC renewal wasted my day yesterday some stupid nonsense going on he took dozens of photos had 50 minutes the house in and out of each room half dozen times, Tenants peed off and guess what I had was a ’C’ before but now got a ‘D’ even though many improvements had been done,
    Its an all out attack on Private LL’s. Why you all believe media build more houses.
    Why not stop driving out thousands of landlords first, you’ll never have enough housing if its going to house people for free, if it’s free its over subscribed.


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