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Another council wants landlords to help house local families

Landlords are being invited to a free event to find out more about help and incentives on offer to help local families find a home.

The drop-in event is organised by North Somerset council and is open to anyone including those thinking about becoming a landlord, takes place on Wednesday July 12.

The council’s lettings team will be on hand to discuss the free lettings service it provides to landlords, including information on the Renters Reform Bill and incentives to help home a family in the area.


The lettings team is looking for responsible landlords, and in exchange they will receive long-term support should any problems arise during the tenancy. There are no upfront or ongoing fees to pay for the service.

The team can also help with health and safety assessments, advice on tenancy issues, and provide information about grants and loans available to help get a property ready to let.

Average rent in North Somerset is some way above the Local Housing Allowance set by central government to support rent costs for those on a lower income.

A council spokeswoman says: “While the cost of living crisis continues to have an impact on hard working families, we’re committed to tackling inequality across North Somerset.

“Everyone has the right to live in a safe, good quality home and I’m proud that we’re taking action to help those in need to find good quality, safe and affordable homes for a fairer North Somerset.

“If you’re a landlord, or planning to be in the future, come along to this free event to see how you can help and find out what our lettings team can offer you, including some reassurance on the new Renters (Reform) Bill which was introduced to Parliament in May this year.”

Those at the event will include Citizens Advice and the National Residential Landlords Association.

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    My local council. Mr Williams you must pay 50% more council tax on your empty property on which you cannot complete your refurbishment due to covid. Rules are rules no exceptions.
    2 years later. Mr Williams, will you rent us your property? We are short of homes for the homeless. Ha Ha Ha Ha.

    Peter Why Do I Bother

    Preston Council asked me to let them have a property, asked them what do they mean and it went like this.
    We take your house (which I couldnt get the toe rag out of) and give it to a family
    We dont pay you any rent
    You still pay the mortgage
    We give you the house back in ten years in a reasonable condition?

    Oh ok that sounds like a good deal for the council.....

    Yes Peter but we cannot move forward with it.. The aforementioned toe rag owed them 4.5k in unpaid council tax and that needed to be cleared first...!

  • icon

    Well you cant blame them for trying as no doubt they have a big problem. But unfortunately until things improve for landlords (unlikely just now) there will be so many good tenants to choose from that you'd be unwise to take this option. Also I do feel there would be more lazy people getting a job if there were more incentive (I know some personally including ex tenants and not assuming all benefit claimants could work, but there are certainly some who could and can't be bothered.)

  • Peter Lewis

    Well they know what they can do with their wonderful potential tenants.

  • Peter Why Do I Bother

    The way the local councils and government are behaving I think the last word ends with Off

  • icon

    "Everyone has the right to live in a safe, good quality home . . ."
    No there are some scumbags who do not deserve to ever be given a good quality home, I know from personal experience. This is why we need a tenant database.


    ''quality'' always has a price tag

  • icon

    These councils should be on ‘ Britain’s got talent’ 😂😂 they are funny. Just why would anyone want to rent to the councils. ‘’’Also Ran’’tenants 😆

  • icon

    The Renters Reform Bill is going well then, it’s turned into a dysfunctional Housing Policy.
    Ok so you push me off the edge of a Cliff then turn around ask me for my help.


    Walking on Water- Hmm now Walking in Fresh Air then.😁

  • icon

    ‘If you are a landlord, or planning to be in the future…’ 🤣🤣🤣 You’ve got to admire their sense of humour!

  • icon

    The kids working at the council know more about Love Island the the rental business

  • icon

    So another half witted scheme, when will these Civil servants realise, we’re not interested in helping People who don’t help us. Bunch of Clowns, but they are not funny.

  • icon

    It beggars belief that these idiot councils expect LLs to help them. What have councils ever done for LLs other than impose raft after raft of largely ineffective red tape, coerce tenants into forcing LL s to obtain possession orders and filled their pockets with our money for nothing in return.


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