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NRLA delight that Labour now opposes rent controls

The National Residential Landlords Associations has expressed relief that Labour appears to be backing away from rent controls.

Association chief executive Ben Beadle says he backs recent comments from prominent party spokespeople.

Beadle states: “We agree with Labour that rent controls would do nothing to address the rental supply crisis that tenants across the country now face.


“What renters need is a proper plan to boost the supply of homes for private rent alongside all other tenures. 

“Housing benefit rates should also be unfrozen without delay to support vulnerable tenants who are struggling to access the rental market.”    

Beadle’s response follows statements that Labour may be rejecting demands for rent controls made by London Mayor Sadiq Khan and others. 

Speaking to a Chartered Institute of Housing conference yesterday the Shadow Housing Secretary, Lisa Nandy MP, said: “As the mortgage crisis deepens - for homeowners and renters alike - it is perhaps inevitable that the debate has turned again to short term fixes.

“And when housebuilding is falling off a cliff and buy-to-let landlords are leaving the market, rent controls that cut rents for some, will almost certainly leave others homeless.

"It might be politically easier to put a sticking plaster on our deep-seated problems, but if it is cowardice that got us here, it is never going to get us out."

And earlier this week the Welsh First Minister, Mark Drakeford MS, also raised concerns about proposals to freeze rents. 

He said: “As to a rent freeze, it's a blunt instrument; it has many unintended consequences. We know in Scotland that it has led to a reduction in properties available for rent, because people who have bought properties on a buy-to-let basis themselves face mortgages that have now gone up significantly. 

“The Bank of England estimates that it will take a 20 per cent rise in private sector rents simply to cover the additional costs that buy-to-let landlords now incur. 

“Even the Scottish scheme is not a rent freeze for everybody; it is a rent freeze for some people, in some circumstances. In Wales, we believe there are other measures, and less blunt instruments, that allow us to respond to the people who are in … difficulties.”

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  • icon

    Hell, I think Labour might have my vote at this rate!


    Trust is the issue and I don’t trust them. Sad but simple truth.

  • Mark Wilson

    We believe there are other measures, and less blunt instruments, that allow us to respond to the people who are in … difficulties. If you think this is good for landlords, dream on

  • Steven Williams

    They oppose it for 5 minutes, then will consider/implement it again. Can’t trust them nor Tories personally.

  • icon

    They will do it in the end as more of us sell and the rents keep going higher… plus an evictions ban and a raise in CGT to ‘ discourage’ us from selling 💰 and if we do… they get a bigger slice of the pie 🥧. It’s in their nature.


    Spot on


    💯 Percent right Simon. Get out whilst you still can.... That's my motto. 👍

  • icon

    I see a small glimmer of hope in that someone in power (Mark Drakeford) has admitted, in the public domain, that the rent freeze in Scotland has resulted in landlords leaving the market and more people homeless.
    Late in the day it is true.
    I can see them wanting a bigger capital gains tax grab though as Simon says. Partly as a deterrent to sale and partly to pay for all the hotel accommodation they are going to need. Would be better if it was used to build social housing though.

  • icon

    Drakeford has a refugee sanctuary policy ! Further Plaid Cymru who run Carmarthenshire council has put refugees at the top of the housing list. The demographics are changing overnight. The Carmarthen Cultural centre (mosque) with separate entrances for men and women is doing a roaring trade. This is obviously solving others nations housing problems.

  • icon

    It is always comforting to have something you can absolutely rely on 100%
    And that is british politicians will lie 100%

  • icon

    Well that’s what they say today..since we don’t know what Labour policies are, still wouldn’t trust them.

  • George Dawes

    They'll do anything to get in

    Look at the state they left us in last time ....

    Peter Why Do I Bother

    And the time before..!


    And the conservatives?

  • Peter Why Do I Bother

    Amazing that Beadle comments on this and doesn’t seize the opportunity to put forward ideas which will help all sides.

    Guy is out for himself, NRLA utterly useless and still no reply to my request over the RRB. Got an email though off them offering third party tax advice…!

  • icon

    when you try to fix something that ain't broke you just break it even more.
    rent control just equals massive rent rises each year for existing tenants, as I would then increase every year in line with the % increase allowed so as not to be caught out, now i only increase once every 4 years by a little and then just increase to market rates on new tenancies.


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