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Generation Rent activists outline their latest demands

Activist group Generation Rent - which has demanded rent freezes, eviction bans and cash hand-outs to help tenants move now wants additional government action to help tenants.

Its chief executive Ben Twomey says: “Soaring rents since the pandemic are now having a knock-on effect on the number of homes being advertised to rent. 

“Many tenants might want to move but simply cannot because the rent on a new tenancy is now far higher than what they are currently paying. That means fewer properties are becoming available and those that do are being snapped up more quickly by tenants who do need to move. That is keeping rents high and unaffordable for many.”


And his call to action continues: “To bring rents back within reach of people on ordinary incomes, the government needs to build more homes in the places people want to live. That must also include many more social homes so that people on low incomes can live near their workplaces and families.”

Generation Rent analysis in June of deposit protection data indicated that the proportion of private renters moving in a given year has fallen from 40 per cent in 2018-19 to 31 per cent in 2022-23, meaning fewer properties are being advertised for rent. 

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    Here’s looking at you kid.

  • icon

    This constant bleating is getting tiresome

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    Another day…. Another added ‘ demand’ from the left wing nut jobs 😆. Is he aware that he’s just shouting at the wind ? It won’t happen.

  •  G romit

    Goes to prove they they will never ever be satisfied - more demands needed to justify their existence and keep their gravy train running

  • Reaper Cushions

    Finally, Generation Rent have realised that the biggest problem is the imbalance between demand & supply and that’s what is driving rents up, not us!

  • icon

    Its funny how people with no leverage or stake in the market believe they can influence it!


    Yes it's easy to demand things when there is no risk or cost.

  • Peter Why Do I Bother

    This failed politician has got his facts wrong again, the prices didn't rocket because of the end of the pandemic. It was started a long time ago by George reducing tax relief on mortgage interest rates, also adding 3% on SDLT. Then we had Rishi shoving his nonsense forward including SDLT holiday for buyers (Landlords Excluded). Now we have RRB and 0 relief on CGT.

    There Ben is your answer, not landlords but the government. Maybe direct your anger and tantrums in Rishi's direction....

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    Demanding more and more of the same is pointless. It's questionable if that's what we need.
    Demand something different. Demand a solution is found for what to do with evicted anti social or non paying tenants. Get them out of main stream housing and the whole system will work better.
    Demand suitable accommodation for young single parents. Managed blocks of flats with a crèche, adult education classes and security staff to keep out unwanted visitors. Stop the entitlement to a 2 bedroom independent property and instantly cut the number of babies conceived purely as a fast track to self contained housing and benefits.
    Demand more retirement housing is built to free up family size homes of all tenures. Those homes are often well located with all the infrastructure and community families could possibly want.

    Demand landlords are taxed in the same way as every other business so rents don't have to increase so much purely to pay the first slice as extra tax.

  • icon

    He’s hilarious isn’t he? Absolutely no awareness whatsoever of the real facts and issues, and instead events absolute nonsense to justify their existence. I imagine them all (both of them) sitting around in the office (cupboard) desperately dreaming up fictitious situations that they can accuse the landlords of causing. You’ve gotta laugh, bless ‘em!

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    Perhaps if tenants had to pay an extra 28% rent for an identical property every time they moved, they would understand just how big a disincentive CGT is to Landlords wishing to release properties for sale either to owner occupiers or other Landlords?

    Owners also face huge stamp duty, legal and estate agency costs as well as trebled mortgage rates on moving.

    Tenants, on the other hand, can move simply for the cost of moving their belongings. Many don't even bother to properly dispose of their rubbish.

    Perhaps it's time for the huge flexibility benefits offered by PRS Landlords to be properly recognised and rewarded and for tenants to admit what a great deal they're given?

  • PossessionFriendUK PossessionFriend

    Yes, we'd All like to pay 2019 prices for everything.
    I think landlords should join them and ask Government to legislate turning back the economic clock

    I'm happy to charge 2019 rents, as long as all my other costs reflect that era's prices.
    ( Numpties ! )

  • jeremy clarke

    Me me me me me me me me me more more more more more more - did I get the job?


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