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MP wants landlords to be eligible for leaseholder protection funding

A Labour MP wants the government to include private landlords in the Building Safety Act’s leaseholder protections scheme. 

The government introduced the Building Safety Act in 2022 in a bid ensure that leaseholders do not have to pay to fix safety failures in buildings in which they played no part developing: it also introduced a cap on the costs of remediating fire safety defects for some leaseholders. 

But private rental sector landlords are not included as possible recipients so may find themselves liable for the full cost of fixing safety defects.


Now Hilary Benn MP has tabled an Early Day Motion on the issue: this calls for a building safety fund for remediating failures on buildings under 11 metres in height. 

Early-day motions typically do not get debated but are vehicles for MPs to put are motions submitted for debate in the House of Commons, and though most do not actually get debated, they are often used to highlight issues to the government.

The National Residential Landlords Association has created a template letter for members to send to MPs, urging them to back Benin’s initiative.

The association is calling for the introduction of a Building Safety Remediation Scheme to ensure that all buildings with safety defects – regardless of height or ownership – are remediated under the ‘polluter pays’ principle.

Letters can be downloaded and submitted directly to MPs by the NRLA’s online tool.

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    It doesn’t matter where was our template to save S21 without the foundation it’s not a business.


    100% right Michael. I am not in the least interested now in anything the NRLA has to say. Landlords needed very strong representation regarding the loss of Section 21.


    I am listening now to the Parliament committee meeting which took place yesterday at 4pm. Ben Beadle has brought out about the lack of supply. That hasn't been addressed as yet by other members of the Committee. The Shelter representative just wants to make it harder for the landlords to use Section 8 when Section 21 has gone - no thought or comment by Shelter about the lack of supply- they just want the abolition of Section 21 to occur as soon as possible.

    Lots of talk about the Ombudsman scheme. Shelter wholeheartedly supporting the introduction of the Ombudsman scheme and Ben Beadle not opposing it. Shelter wants to make sure that the Ombudsman scheme is very accessible - want renters to be able to use it very readily.

    Shelter wants to make the no fault grounds to require very robust evidence. They want any landlord to have to wait 12 months before reletting whenever there has been a repossession notice - on all "landlord need" grounds. Shelter wants compensation to be paid if there is any letting during a no letting period even if the tenants have left voluntarily - should be rent repayment orders. No consideration at all by Shelter of the fact that most landlords will not be prepared to carry on letting at all under those circumstances.

    Ben Beadle has said concern by landlords over the fact that tenants can leave after two months and he is concerned about the student sector - indefinite open ended tenancies are not suitable for those tenants.

    Those are not my concerns at all - and addressing them is highly unlikely to address the supply issue, in my opinion.

    Ben Beadle would like to ensure that the student sector works, and to ensure that other tenants can't give notice during the first six months.

    Shelter says students are diverse group and so some of them need the security as much as other groups of tenants. Also, doesn't want to stop tenants leaving during the first six months of the tenancy.

    Ben Beadle has brought out about the court system and that anti-social behaviour may not be dealt with in a timely way. Shelter has said courts need reform - they need to work better for tenants and landlords - tenants need to have access to legal aid. Government should improve court process, but don't support weakening of eviction grounds. Tenants should not be afraid to complain.

    Ben Beadle in favour of property portal and abolition of selective licensing. Shelter wants information about reletting on property portal after a landlord's need ground used for eviction to enable former tenants to be able to report to the local authority. Shelter want rent information on property portal. Shelter wants tenants to be able to go to tribunals over rent increases.

    Peter Why Do I Bother

    Ellie, Beadles About again talking about student lets..! Why is he not talking about landlords in the PRS section. Most universities now have large campus around them so he should be concentrating on the job in hand and not his own portfolio.

    That guy is not representing us on any level. He needs to go...


    I think the only hope we have is that the court system can't cope with the new demands which the Renters Reform Bill will create. Therefore it seems that that problem could be addressed before the new legislation is in force - could therefore take rather a long time.

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    If private landlords don't receive the same help as owner occupiers, that means private tenants will have to foot the extra costs or find themselves homeless.

    Either the polluter pays or the consumer pays as is always the case.

    Hilary Benn has always been one of the more sensible Labour MP's , unlike his father who Harold Wilson once said was the only person who immatured with age!

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    Ellie , They want the court system to be backed up. The whole point of the Renters reform Bill is that you can never get back Property back without having to wade through lengthy and expensive court hearings .


    I think that is true of Shelter. Perhaps some others are concerned about anti-social behaviour.


    I have little faith or respect in the courts


    I doubt Shelter care about anti social behaviour blighting the lives of everyone else.

    Their slogan is The fIght for your home starts here!

    Nothing about mutual respect, co-operation, compromise, working with landlords etc. - just FIGHT !

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    Just scrap the Stupid Renter’s Reform Bill now, how many thousands of landlords has it forced out, how many thousands more were forced to switch to AirBnB, how many renter’s has it made properly unaffordable for, how much shortage and homeless has it created. Scrap the stupid Bill, far too much damage done already and it’s not even law yet.
    Mr Michael Gove have all this on his head not fit to be a Member of Parliament.

    Carole Aldread

    Michael Foley we’ll said I’ve been a small landlord for over 15 years but I’m selling my properties and getting out section 21 being the main reason and the rising interest rates which are not bringing inflation down only causing more pain for renters landlords and homeowners generally. Michael Gove is nothing but a snake and the government can’t see what’s happening under their noses! They will rue the day.

  • jeremy clarke

    Question this morning from a landlord concerning council tax. Who would be liable for payment on a periodic day one tenancy? At the moment tenant on 1988 HA tenancy is beneficial owner for period of at least 6 months therefore liable, if tenancy is periodic?? Same landlord and guarantors, no fixed period = guarantor able to withdraw = no guarantor!
    Is anybody listening??

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    I had turned that over in my mind, no one is going to guarantee some one for life ?.

    PossessionFriendUK PossessionFriend

    Current ( good ) guarantor agreements cover the period of the life of the tenancy.

    We have long been advocating landlords Only rent to those with an acceptable Guarantor. When Sec 21 goes, this will become even more important


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