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Landlords plug into electrical discounts through new partnership

The National Residential Landlords Association has launched a new partnership with electrical and telecoms retailer Currys Business. 

It means that member landlords will benefit from expert advice on how they can best equip their rental properties with cost-effective appliances such as fridge freezers, ovens and dishwashers.

Members will also receive a discount of up to 5.0 per cent on all technology ordered either online, via one of Currys’ business hubs, or UK contact centres.


The partnership also means members will be eligible for further additional discounts and exclusive offers throughout the year, claims the association. 

As an extra benefit, members will be able to take advantage of extended payment terms with the option of paying for appliances up to 30 days after placing an order.

“We’re excited to be partnering with an organisation as highly-regarded as Currys Business, which has a scale and reach which will go a long way towards helping our members deliver the best possible private rented accommodation whilst keeping costs down” says Ben Beadle, NRLA chief executive.

“Our new partnership also adds to the already impressive array of benefits which current and prospective members enjoy as part of their NRLA subscription.”

And Currys Business director Jason Stubbs adds:  “Thanks to this new partnership, NRLA members investing in amazing technology can unlock great savings on over 30,000 products. With such a wide range of available items, it’s also important that customers get the right advice when making purchasing decisions, and that’s why our dedicated business advisors will be on hand to ensure they make the right investments when it comes to equipping their rental properties”.

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  • John  Adams

    Something and nothing, the likes of LNPG have been doing this for years. Frankly shop around is the best advice, the likes of Argos, AO, Very, Euronics all have good deals even after taking these discounts into account.

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    Yes, LNPG have had the same discount for many years so NRLA off the pace. But shopping around has always been better for me

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    I tend to use Currys quite a bit purely because the store is 2 minutes from my house. The lack of stock held in store is very frustrating. The delivery charges to obtain the stuff they don't keep in store are ridiculous. Certainly plenty of better options if delivery is taken into account. I do quite like the 5 year warranty Currys offer, especially on ovens as it includes a valet at some point during the 5 years.


    You can join Currys business section as a Landlord. Then you get free next day delivery and free disposal of old appliances. You need to go in-store to order and ask for their business advisor, can't order on-line. This is different to Currys Business website. Have been doing this for over 20 years. I agree the 5 year warranty is good, especially for washing machines in a student house (which we sold last year - thank goodness).


    I have been using AO because they frequently offer next day delivery, will install and take away the old appliance. This means that the tenants receive a new appliance the day after they contact me to tell me that there is a problem with their old appliance.

    The thanks I get from them is "God bless you!" I haven't done much except found a company that will offer a very quick and comprehensive service. That means that I can forget about the latest problem myself which is always a relief.

    Argos has a same delivery service for some smaller items and I have used that for microwave ovens etc. That means that the tenants have received a new appliance on the same day that they have contacted me.

    Incidentally, I always buy self-cleaning ovens and self-defrosting fridge freezers. Those are my main considerations when choosing a new appliance.


    If you use the Currys business section do you still have to deal with their South African customer service call centre when things go wrong? I usually order online for store collection to make sure the item is still available by the time I get to the shop. Now they only have a very small amount of stock it's an issue. However, if there is then a problem with the item the store refuse to deal with it as it was an online purchase.

    I want to like AO. I used to use them quite a bit but the last few years there's always been a reason not to. Whether it's stock availability, delivery charge or date or the way they charge for their extended warranties. There always seems to be a better option elsewhere. I especially liked the idea of the one off annual delivery charge but then read the small print and it doesn't really apply for landlords.

    Argos can be surprisingly good for large appliances on availability and delivery price/timescale. Their customer service is usually very good.

    My preference is to be able to collect an item immediately and take it straight round to whichever house. Tenants are usually impressed to get a new washing machine or oven the same day the old one broke. It also means I don't have to waste time waiting for deliveries.


    I have found Curry's customer service to not be good. That is the main reason I haven't bought from them. I am hoping John Lewis will be better - recently bought a television for the tenants from there because of the included five year guarantee.

  • Peter Why Do I Bother

    Well Done Ben...! 5% discount you tough hard nose negotiating genius.!

    Now can you get back to the day job and fight for landlords rights like S24 and S21, is it too much to ask???

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    • A JR
    • 08 September 2023 21:20 PM

    These kind of NRLA corporate offerings are seldom of any real value and has been stated, simple shopping around invariably turns up better value.
    The only offering I want from the NRLA is effective representation and that’s just not happening.


    The only landlords who have had representation from the NRLA are student landlords - the rest of us have been left to go to the wall.


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