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New ‘Landlord Leaders Community’ group launched

A body called the Landlord Leaders Community - and appearing at first sight a little like a new trade group - is pledging “to drive positive change for a sustainable and thriving private rented sector.”


Set up by finance firm OSB Group, the body has 13 founding members. One is from Propertymark, one is a lettings agent, one a landlord and the rest from financial services. There is no formal representative from the National Residential Landlords Association, although the landlord founding member is in the association.


The body has today revealed a mission statement which includes what it calls its four ‘areas of focus’. 

Education and Training:

- Establish comprehensive educational programmes and guides for landlords to increase awareness of their rights, responsibilities, and best practices in the industry, especially around sustainability;

- Collaborate with industry associations, government bodies, and educational institutions to develop and deliver training courses and workshops tailored to the needs of stakeholders;

- Encourage ongoing professional development within the industry to ensure that professionals remain updated with the latest trends, regulations, and best practices;

- Signpost resources for stakeholders to use for best practice and guidance; and

- Encourage disparate sections of the industry to increase cross-education and better understanding of their roles within the sector, and externally to the public and media.


- Encourage clearer communication between tenants and landlords;

- Promote the use of digital platforms and applications to facilitate efficient communication, such as dedicated online portals or mobile apps;

- Work towards the implementation of a standardised communication system between landlords, tenants, and relevant stakeholders to ensure clear and timely exchange of information; and

- Communicate the economic benefits of a thriving private rented sector to the public.


- Encourage collaborative efforts between landlords, tenants, and other stakeholders for a more seamless rental experience and to foster a sense of understanding, responsibility and community spirit within the sector; and

- Facilitate the establishment of landlord forums to enable open dialogue and co-operation in addressing common concerns.

Positive Industry Perception:

- Promote a more positive view of the private rental industry by highlighting success stories, best practices, and positive contributions made by landlords and tenants; and

- Engage with media outlets and community organisations to counter negative stereotypes and misconceptions.

A publicity statement from the organisation says: “Despite ongoing challenges, the Landlord Leaders Community believes that the future of the private rented sector remains bright. But more needs to be done to unite a fragmented industry, to encourage collaboration and better communication, putting tenants at the heart of everything the industry does. Buy-to-let is not just any business, it is one with huge social implications.”

It continues: “At its core, the community continues its aim to bring the industry together, promote professionalism, foster closer tenant/landlord relationships, encourage fairness and transparency and to spread a positive message about the future of the private rented sector in the UK.” 

The publicity statement also carries a testimonial from Suzanne Smith, described as an “independent landlord and a founding member of the Landlord Leaders Community.” She is quoted as saying: “You succeed as a business if you have the interest of your customers at the heart of your business.”

Jon Hall - OSB Group’s managing director for mortgages and savings - says: “The Landlord Leaders community stands at the forefront of a transformative journey within the private sector, and as a founding member, we’re delighted to deliver this mission statement outlining our ongoing commitment to continue to develop a positive change within the private rented sector for all stakeholders.

“The prevailing sentiment from the discussion was that the but-to-let sector is not dead, in fact, far from it. There are opportunities for us to make more of, and the current shifts in the market will allow those who are truly passionate about positive change to thrive. A sustainable future for the industry is not possible without collaboration and education for everyone, no matter what role they play.

“As part of the Landlord Leaders Community, OSB Group are committed to continue our strong support for the creation of a positive future for the private rented sector.”

The group has a substantial website including a report which, although dated November 2022, appears to outline the objectives of the group in more detail. You can see the website here.

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  • icon

    Financial services lead. So it will become about the protection of that industry.


    That's how I read it as well, a sales platform

  • FedUp Landlordy

    One could cry arrogance in calling themselves Landlord "Leaders", although, there's a strong argument that landlords certainly need a better voice than likes of current weak ones.

    Definitely keep an eye on with interest (until last property is sold then out, yippee).

  • icon

    Had a look at the website and there are several things I would change to make it more user friendly. A less busy landing screen for one (I nearly shut it straight down!). A short description of who/what each member is without having to click through to their bio would also be helpful.
    The aims seem good but as said above, it currently looks like a marketing platform for financial services. Not much in the way of education and certainly not much public interaction as this is the first I have heard of them as a landlord, let alone an un-interested member of the public.
    It will be interesting to see if they can get a foothold because we certainly need something or someone to improve the public perception of the industry.

  • icon

    Bob, that will be when Lloyds Bank will be the biggest private
    Landlords controlling everything. They can set and control what you borrow and in direct competition with their customers. They are already buying up Flats in opposition to people who wants to buy.
    No Monopoly & Mergers Commission anymore but replaced by Competition Commission so why are they not stopping it. THE RENTERS REFORM BILL is all part of the stitch up for the big boys to takeover. They’ll have their own rules to suit themselves with Powerful Lawyers you won’t have anti landlord groups mess with them, they’ll wipe the floor with them.

  • Peter Why Do I Bother

    Some great points made by these guys and it is everything that Beadle should be saying.

    However if a load of financial houses want to speak up for us then happy to let them do it. I do think the website is a sales pitch waiting to happen especially for green funding.

    One thing guys looking through all those people and the bio's did not see our friend Martin The Gibbo Gibbons....?!?!

  • icon

    Better idea email a complaint to your local MP & M Gove to say you will not be voting for them in next election due to there anti Landlord policies

  • icon

    Lots of noble sentiments but the "social responsibility" line parrots the vocabulary of Shelter and its many outriders, which is generally a preliminary step before demanding lower rents, perpetual forbearance of tenants' property destruction and antisocial behaviour, and landlords basically seen as a zero profit-making branch of Social Services. This is what councils and housing associations have promoted for years, with their lifetime tenancies and social programs and pretence that they don't make profits, just fluffy "surpluses", but it all rests on massive decades-long subsidies and featherbedding by taxpayers. If councils and HAs had to pay the actual market costs of development, construction and debt interest, as well as maintenance and property/tenant management, they'd soon wake up to the real uncertain world as experienced by private landlords.

    I'm concerned this organisation wants to use social housing vocabulary and the "educate ignorant landlords" schtick as cover for its promotion of build-to-rent development and the "professionalisation" of the PRS (code for "squeeze out small amateur landlords").

  • icon

    I was put off by 'digital platforms', 'apps' for communication, workshops & training - as a small portfolio LL of 20 yrs not sure how this helps / represents me.

  • icon

    Blah Blah Blah . All very commendable , and we can all look forward to being taxed and regulated , and selective Licensed out of the market .
    We had a good system for 30 years that worked well.
    Most Private Landlords I know get on very well with their Tenants.
    85 % of Tenants are happy with their Lot.
    Thousands of Good Private Landlords are being forced to Leave the sector .

  • icon

    This is total farce, "Education and Training", Communication, collaboration, positive industry perception. That is exactly what us LLs have done, built our business, communicated, collaborated, back and call to the tenants, make life easy for tenants, where rental is concerned. Now this stupid association formed as if they can teach us anything, that most of us do not know. This is an old business and LLs have been following government guidelines. Most of them the know how and understand the business better that councils, housing associations, shelter, generation RANT and also the financial institutions. When the Big Companies take over than it will be too late for the growing number of tenants, councils (hopefully they will get some stock and provide social housing, as that need will continue to increase), shelter and generation rant will be placed in the past. It will get a lot worse, before the politicians of the day realise or they become party to the Big landlords and could not care for tenants (USSR comes to mind). Rents have gone up by a lot, now. This would not have happened if shelter, councils, Gove understood the reality of the private renting sector and tried to support the PRS. I do not trust the OSB Group.


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