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Renters Reform Bill - it’s Angela Rayner v Michael Gove

Labour’s deputy leader Angela Rayner has been given the job of Shadow Secretary of State for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities - she will face Michael Gove in debates on the Renters Reform Bill.

Rayner - who now also carries the title of Shadow Deputy Prime Minister - replaces Lisa Nandy, who is regarded as having failed to make an impression in the rental sector debates of recent years.

Nandy had been Shadow Secretary of State for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities since 2021.


There has been an extensive reshuffle of many other senior Labour positions too, ahead of an expected General Election next year. You can see the full details on the BBC News website here.

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    Let's hope that Angela Rayner realises that unless landlords are on board with rental reforms, tenants will suffer and the large amount of tax which landlords currently pay will plummet as they exit the private rental sector.


    I wouldn't credit Rayner with that level of common sense.

    She's probably much more left wing than Nandy.


    Robert, she did say once that she was relaxed about people becoming "filthy rich... as long as they pay their taxes".

    That is not really my aim, but I do pay a great deal of tax.

  • Steven Williams

    I’m not sure whether this will be good or bad to be honest, I’m just genuinely disillusioned with our government as a whole now to be honest.


    Me too - they are all as bad as one another !!
    The answer to everything is just tax & spend - and therefore all of us suffer for their incompetence

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    Do not fear the government. But rather the electorate that keep voting them. As if they are going to do ANYTHING that benefits the electorate!!

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    Totally agree with your thoughts Stephen. I don't follow polly ticks much but as her being a Labour MP it doesn't look good for landlords.

    The whole lot of them recently seem to be destroying the UK economy.

  • John  Adams

    Fundamentally all these political parties are playing with the deck chairs on the Titanic.
    Inflation statistics are a complete lie, the state pension is basically out of funds and so there has to be a complete rethink of public services, the welfare state and the swiss cheese tax system. It can't be right that the average family face IHT when the Royal Family doesn't. It can't be right the likes of Amazon pays less tax than John Lewis.
    Dentists now refuse NHS patients after training at NHS hospitals and Doctors go off to Australia after training here without paying a penny back. Now our schools are falling down but who will be prosecuted for agreeing the contracts? No one as usual.
    HS2 is millions over budget why is there no penalty clauses and fixed prices? There's a lifetime's work fixing the corruption in this country.


    John your observations are excellent, except the Royal Family as a lot of what they appear to own they don't it's the country that own them. But yes they do not have to pay tax, but they do choose to do so! However, I do get the point you have so well made and agree.
    There is corruption in this country however it is the rate of incompetence that alarms me. Everyone seems to have their snout in the trough and it's a case of get what I can. Until we start reinforcing consequences and get the legal system fit for purpose we are lost!

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    Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse! Now there’s a pair of fools at the helm.

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    She’s a nasty foul mouthed Woman and I wouldn’t trust anything she says.
    I agree the Conservatives have made a mess of everything, but they have had more to cope with than any Government since the 2nd World War.


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