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HMRC warning as thousands of landlords risk missing tax deadline

HM Revenue and Customs says that its latest data - one week ahead of the January 31 Self Assessment deadline - shows 3.8m people yet to file their tax return.

Many thousands are believed to be landlords. 

HMRC says it’s expecting more than 12.1m tax returns to be filed for the 2022 to 2023 tax year along with any payment that is owed. By the end of Wednesday January 24 - the day before yesterday - more than 8.3m online returns had been received. 


The penalties for late tax returns are an initial £100 fixed penalty, which applies even if there is no tax to pay, or if the tax due is paid on time.

After three months, additional daily penalties of £10 per day, up to a maximum of £900 are levied; after six months, there’s a further penalty of five per cent of the tax due or £300, whichever is greater.

After 12 months, another five per cent or £300 is charged, whichever is greater.

HMRC will consider a customer’s reasons for not being able to meet the deadline. Those who provide a reasonable excuse may avoid a penalty.

But there are also additional penalties for paying outstanding tax late. These are five per cent of that unpaid at 30 days, six months and 12 months. Interest will also be charged on any tax paid late.

An HMRC spokesperson says: “If you are a Self Assessment taxpayer, now is the time to take action and get your return done. People can familiarise themselves with the process by checking out HMRC … on GOV.UK. Once a tax return is submitted, it’s easy to find out what’s owed and to pay online or using the HMRC app. Just search ‘pay my Self Assessment’ on GOV.UK to find out more.”

For anyone unable to pay in full, HMRC says it wants to help find an affordable way to pay the tax they owe. They may be able to set up a Time To Pay arrangement and can find out how to do this online, without speaking to HMRC, if they owe less than £30,000.

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    It’s not hard to get it in before the deadline 🤔 I wonder if those that are late catch the bus 🚌 on time 😂

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    I believe most of the people do get there by 31st January, if not done by penultimate day. For a lot of people depending on accountants who do not do until the last week. Some others doing their own returns, get them ready online but submission is done in the last week or the last weekend. My husband and I were included in the 8.3m people who submitted on the 24th. They were ready in the summer. Considering 8.3m submitted on the 24th, shows most of the outstanding ones of 3.8m (exchange of numbers, is it coincidence?) will have submitted by the end of this weekend. A lot of payments will be made in the last days, though. A lot of work for their system to reconcile and data entries for staff.

    FedUp Landlordy

    Same, our Accounts are done immediately but we sit on submitting until very last min!
    More so as been chasing 1 last cash invoice, 1 we hadn't received, actually forgot about as was over 11 months ago (when Acc's done), thankfully, was entered otherwise wouldn't have give a 2nd thought, lol, yus been a busy year!

    Now we have a considerable loss carried forward :-D then it's our final submission, as already sold up YIPPEE:-D
    So, I say f00k the hmrc, g!mp Osborne who practically started ruining PRS, Mr Gov, all useless governments, not forgetting loathsome gen rant, shelter & Polly et al.
    Hmrc the f@rts with their illegal tax that they rub salt in wounds by charging further illegal tax on their illegal tax ;-) heeh - I worked there for several years (qualified/decades in Accounts :-D)
    Happy times ahead being out and watching the mess continuously unfold...

    It's the homeless I'm rooting and feel sorry for, well done Mr Gov...

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    There is no excuse for not submitting your tax return in time even if you choose not to pay until the last minute - the tax year ended over 9 months ago! There is not really any reason for not paying early as HMRC pay a decent amount of interest (Base Rate - 1%) on which there is no tax payable.

  • icon

    It's called a "just in time strategy". One way of coping with insanely boring things.

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    If they wanted them by 24th then they should have set deadline of 24th. I've got mine ready to press send and will press the button one day before deadline. It's been ready for ages.

  • Kevin

    I was so much better organised when documents arrived by post. Now the majority come electronically and are left online until close enough to the deadline to panic me into finding.

    FedUp Landlordy

    Agree, tis why we started printing em all when filing, certainly helped :-)

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    We don’t need excuses when we have loads of valid reasons.
    Snowed under when you are a hands on landlords with licensing Schemes to do and thousands of pounds in compliance work to do more Regulations added every time Dealing with dysfunctional Council’s who are not capable of running the schemes themselves but
    sub-let it to Computer Companies that are impossible to deal with and at our cost otherwise if Council’s had to do something they wouldn’t make it Borough wide. I had 3 up for renewal have you any idea what that involves obviously not. When our time was already full time taken up running the Business general maintenance apart from licenses that should be scrapped the biggest cause of unaffordable rents and homelessness apart from TRRB. We have to deal with Tenants on a daily bases, Tenants moving in and out or some of the group been replaced. Its all fine for digital academic landlords who couldn’t do anything with a house, just sit there with their laptops charging rents 30% higher than me, yet I pay more tax than most no personal allowance then up to 45% thanks to Mr Hunt the tax cutting Chancellor that increase it, like tens of thousands now and again in July. Ah yes we have no excuse other than we are everyone’s mug.

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    Accountants seem to take a very long time to produce tax returns. Mine had all the figures in May but didn't process them until about November. It took 3 attempts to get everything included. He'd missed off most of my SIPP contributions and one of my husband's sources of income. My son uses a much cheaper person to file his tax return and needs to wait for my accounts to be able to present his share of the BTL income to her. She didn't churn out the first attempt until gone midnight one night last week, which was so wrong it nearly gave him another heart attack. She had completely missed off his expenses from his CIS job and his mortgage interest on the BTLs. I think it's all sorted now and all 3 of us have paid but why couldn't it have been done way back last summer? Why do accountants take so long?


    Time to change you accountant Jo? I submit my accounts to my accountant usually within a couple of weeks of the new tax year beginning and I receive a draft within a couple of weeks to check and sign


    mine are into my accountant by end of April, submitted and agreed by HMRC by end of June, job done


    Shane - this is the 4th accountant since I became a landlord and is actually the quickest!
    The first one was a small local firm. They repeatedly failed to submit the tax return before the end of January. The second one was a one man operation who decided to ease into retirement rather than deal with all the changes in 2015. The third one was a big company with fancy offices and prices to match. The current one is more of an expert on BTL than any of the others have been and regularly speaks at landlord events.

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    I always have mine prepped early, but submit at the last minute. My logic is that if I submit early, there’s a greater chance of an audit than if I submit along with everyone else. Interested to hear any informed opinion on here if that’s a valid opinion as it’s not based on anything other than my own guess work and reasoning.



    That's my view too. I put the money into Premium Bonds in May and try not to have to cash them all in to pay whatever is due in early January. I have had a few £25 wins over the years but also a chance of £1 million, so won't change my habits just to make HMRC able to WFH more easily or often.

  • Peter Why Do I Bother

    All boxed off and submitted. Need to sleep at night.

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    I've just paid mine tonight. But to be honest, why pay early? so that the government can gain the interest on the money?

    They are already raping us for every penny that they can get.


    When I used to pay some suppliers early they gave me a small settlement discount, come on HMRC why not do the same and get paid early


    When my late farther in law went to a restaurant he would pay the tip upfront to encourage good service.


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